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Jericho vs Owens Should Main Event WrestleMania

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

Yes the RAW view was scheduled for Wednesday but I moved it up to today... and as you can tell, I believe Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens should Main Event WrestleMania 33

OFF THE TOP ROPE As of this point in time, Jericho vs Owens is the only match up the WWE has that could be sold as a WrestleMania Main Event, it already has emotional investment and the tease break-up at Roadblock shows that people want the match.Jericho as a babyface will have a lot of ammunition for promos since he can say it's because of him that Owens retained the title so many times.All other options are already rumoured to be placed in other matches (Cena / Taker, Rollins / Triple H) or are options no one wants to be considered (Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose) or will present nothing of emotional value (AJ Styles)

Lineup for the week of December 26, 2016

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement....So here's the line up of goodies for the week to close 2016, obviously the addition of doing Review of Black Mirror Season 3 is adding a bit of extra content, but I like the idea of doing a countdown which each day dedicated to a single episode. If you saw my last comic book haul video, you'll see that one comic from that will be this weeks comic book review, and Star Trek Voyager's episode 11:59 will get highlighted this week as well.

Monday: Black Mirror S3E1: Nosedive (Already Recorded)
Monday:  TBD

Tuesday: Black Mirror S3E2: Playtest
Tuesday: Doctor Who Tales From The TARDIS The Web Planet Part 3

Wednesday: Black Mirror S3E3: Shut Up and Dance
Wednesday: Talking Anime: Blue Seed Episode 14
Wednesday: The RAW View (Topic TBD)

Thursday: Black Mirror S3E4: San Junipero
Thursday: Comic Book Review: New Year's Evil: The Rogues #1 (DC Comics)

Friday: Black Mirror S3E5: Men Against Fire
Friday: Doctor Who Tales From The TARDI…

Black Mirror: Nosedive

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

There are six days left in 2016, and we're doing a countdown, every day this week I'll review one epsiode of Black Mirror season 3, and today we start with 'Nosedive'!

SHATTERED MIRROR The Star: Lacie played by Bryce Dallas Howard, was in Spider-Man 3, Jurrasic World, stellar performance, carries the episode perfectly.
The World: Friends and strangers can rate your popularity out of five, the higher the average, the better social standing you are, so 4.5s and up are upper class 2.5s and below are considered lower-class people... everything about the world is based on the average, a person with a social score of a 4.4 will get medical treatment against of someone of a 4.3. Thing is depending on how individuals rate you based on your interactions with, so there is constant pressure to look perfect, act perfect, don't do anything to piss anyone off otherwise they 'down vote' you The story: Lacie wants to reach an socia…