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Blue Seed: "I Love You! This is so Extreme! It's Time to Confess?!"

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We close out my birthday with a look at not only one of my presents that was given to me because of this segment... but also a discussion about episode 13 of Blue Seed titled: "I Love You! This is so Extreme! It's Time to Confess?!"

  • Episode 13 "I Love You! This is so Extreme! It's Time to Confess?!"
  • Original Air date: December 28, 1994, English Air date: December 18, 1999
  • I put the Japanese title: "Suki desu! kyūkyoku! kokuhaku taimu?!" (好きです! 究極! 告白タイム?!) though Google translate  and it came up as 'I Like It! Ultimate! Confession Time' so the titles of the episodes are nearly direct translations, just adjusted to have it make some sense.
  • A good portion of this episode revolves around Matsudaira, Ryoku, Koume and Yaegashi Giving Momiji 'advice' on how to express her love to Kusanagi. There is a lot of comedy surrounding this though why the hell is Yaegashi carrying around girl's undergarments that says 'I Love You' on them raises so many question that can only be answered with the phrase 'Because Japan!' Thankfully this scene sees him getting smacked around a few time by Koume
  • We do learn that Ryoko likes older guys, and to the shock to no one, Koume apparently likes the 'cave man' type
  • Momiji has been experiencing dreams and someone calling out to her, which sees her literally get put into a trance and levitated to the exact center point of the triangle bit from the previous episode
  • Turns out the Aragmi performed a resurrection spell in the previous episode and what they had re-born was Lord Susano-Oh, their guardian deity. In the legend Blue seed is based on, Susano-Oh killed the monster Yamato-no-Oroochi (who was the Aragami in the opening episodes of the series), but now he is apart of Murakumo and Kaede's plans to wipe out humanity.
  • Yeah Kaede is back, and clearly on the side of Murakumo, this causes Kusanagi some major distress in seeing her at the episodes climax because he has a deep attachment to her. He clearly wants to rush after her, but Momiji stops him, which may or may not makes this awkward when she tells him that she loves him and he doesn't respond.
  • There are a few generic insect aragami in this episode, but they are just there for show and to have Kusanagi slash through something.
  • Overall: This episode is clearly one with a soft lead in to the big reveal of Kaede's return and the rebirth of Susano-Oh

Doctor Who: The Web Planet Part 2

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

On this edition of Tales From The TARDIS' we're going over various things introduced in part two of 'The Web Planet'... because the episode itself doesn't really have much to talk about!

  • The Episode is titled 'The Zarbi', Air Date: February 20, 1965, 12.5 Million Viewers (Down 1 Million from previous week)
  • The Zarbi look like giant ants and move around on two powerful human-like legs, the communicate by screeching and rubbing their legs together, and with movements and gestures to get their point across, they are of a hive mind. They have popped up here and there through out the years in Doctor Who expanded media.
  • The Menoptera are Humanoid looking aliens, they have human like bodies, large black eyes, antenna, black and and white fur bodies and four-large butterfly wings. I don't recall seeing them much in Doctor Who beyond this story
  • Because of her importance, I tried to find out something regarding Roslyn de Winter, she was a well known choreographer and had a handful of acting credits from 1959 to 1973. The reason why she is worth talking about was she was hired to create the distinctive movements and stilted speech of the Menoptra and was later offered the part Vrestin. Seems like a smart move, if she was coming up with all this stuff, it makes her the best person to play the most important part.
  • The planet Vortis is reoccurring in Dr Who, being featured in Novels, Comics and an Audio Drama from Big Finish called 'Return to the Web Planet'
  • The reason for the more 'blurry' screenshots for stuff seen on the planet surface is because when the Web Planet was made, they used special camera lenses to give the planet a different look, so things looks very misty / blurred in comparison to other planets
  • As far as the episode goes, The Doctor and Ian search for the TARDIS, get captured by the Zarbi and brought to its location, Barbara is saved & captured by the Menoptera who remove the bracelet Nero gave her because the Zarbi can control anyone who is wearing gold, she ends up escaping and is caught by the Zarbi who use her to track down and attack the Menoptera
  • While it's clear the Zarbi don't communicate normally, a hair-dryer looking device is lowered at the end of the episode on to the Doctor asking 'Why do you come now?' the first major story advancement here


It's My Birthday, so why talk about The Dice & Kristi Universe

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

So today (December 23) I'm 34 years old... which will be the last year I fall into the '' 18-34 demographic for all things media related, cause next year my 'opinion' will start to mean something (I work in market research, I have a general idea of how it works)... but looking back over this year as it relates to all the things I do, for The Basement (this blog and my YouTube channel) and the Dice & Kristi Universe (the 12+ year wrestling fan fiction collaboration hobby that to date has over 2,000 stories written) it's quite clear that I really put a lot onto my plate when it comes to just creating content in the vain hope of entertaining people... with limited success.

And yeah... this is the the first time I'm out right talking about the D&K Universe, sure I've mentioned it passing in various vlog, but never talked about it, but lets face it, if you see a 'Fred Casden' on various forums, it's probably me.

Back in the summer of 2004 by a pure fluke I meet a fan fic writer named Kristi, and we hit it off, and for the the the last 12 years we've worked together on a boat load of fan fics that you'll see on such places like WOWEFA, Literotica, and so on... yeah we weren't and are not writing PG-content my friends. I'm actually proud of the work we've done as we basically kept an entire niche of the fan fic genre going for pro wrestling going when it kind of phased out in from 2005 to 2010. Along the way I've met another writer whose become a great friend named Dax whose writing talents cannot be understated. In 2006 Kristi created a MSN group and when that was closed, we migrated to Yahoo Groups in 2008 and which has grown to over 400 members over the past 8 years. Unfortunately, a real life twist of fate forced Kristi to step away from writing in the fall of 2014, and I've done my best as a solo act, and the quality of the fics has seen a down turn, not helped by the fact I've really found a passion for creating vlogs on numerous topics

But I still continue to write the fics... question is why? Well for one, people still enjoy them despite everything and there is a lot of loyalty involved. . And while a dime has never been made off of those fics, the appreciation all of those folks that have shown myself, Kristi and Dax over the years makes it easy to keep the ball rolling as best I can.

Plus beyond that, the D&K Universe is where I've developed my style for making just about every single thumbnail and title card for every video I've made, so I don't have to pay anyone to do it for me unlike other YouTube channels. I've learned those skills after making a boat load of 'banners' / promo pics for the fics Kristi and I have collaborated on plus all of Dax's tales as well.

To put it simply, without the members of the Dice & Kristi Universe, Kristi and Dax, I wouldn't have gotten serious about trying to do something on YouTube... it's why I use the name Fred Casden name, people may know and wonder if it's one and the same... and well now here's the official confirmation.

Other people like Linkara run away from their 'on-line' past, well I embrace it, because you know what, in the end, regardless if I'm writing a bad fan fic, making video where I'm rambling about comic books or TV shows, or doing a Lets Play video... I know that for whatever the reason someone, somewhere is entertained... and that helps me keep going, day in... day out.

So here's to my next rotation around the sun and may this year be great one!

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