Monday, December 19, 2016

Black Mirror: White Christmas

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

The last two weeks I went over Black Mirror Season 1 and 2, so today I'm going over the Christmas Special that aired in 2014, 'White Christmas'

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  • Aired December 16. 2014 on Channel 4 in the UK
  • Starrs John Hamm as Matt Trent, Rafe Spall as Joe Potter
  • This is an anthology 'episode', a framing device of Matt trying to get Joe to talk to him is used to tell three tales that seemingly have nothing to do with one another at first glance
  • Black Mirror satire of where technology can be going is fascinating, if you think getting blocked on twitter is bad, imagine if it applied to just beyond social media.
  • The 'copy of someone psyche / personality' to act as the AI of a smart house is interesting, who would know how you like things to be done better than you  

Since Black Mirror Season 3 is on Netflix, I've decided that next week I'll go over all six episodes from Monday December 26 to Saturday December 31st!

WWE Roadblock End of the Line (Recap & Review)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

Tonight the WWE had it's 'Roadblock: End of the Line' event, and I'm doing a recap and review of what went down... and I can tell you right now, I have only real praise for two matches.

Also I'm a bit under the weather, so I apologize for how I sound... more so than usual.

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  • Rusev defeated Big Cass via countout on the pre-show
  • Short match, brief slug fest, but then ends up just continuing the feud between Rusev & Lana and Enzo & Big Cass
  • Enzo's pre-match promo was a bit weird, implying he's a male-prostitute that should've gotten his money up front
  • Cesaro & Sheamus defeated The New Day to become the new RAW Tag Team Champions
  • New Day combination was Kofi & Big E
  • Very fun match, it was quite clear that Cesaro & Sheamus were on a mission
  • Lots of well timed flash finishes that teased New Day retaining, plus a lot of interferance by Xavier Woods
  • Second Best match of the night
  • Sami Zayn defeated Braun Stroman by 'surviving for 10 minutes
  • This was total garbage and waste of time, made worst by Mick Foley waddling down to tease he's going to throw in the towel when Sami has gotten beaten down royally.
  • Seth Rollins defeated Chris Jericho
  • Totally fine match, but nothing special, Seth won after countering the code-breaker to hit the pedigree
  • Kevin Owens got involved, Jericho yelled at him to stay out of his business as part of their plan for later in the night
  •  Rich Swan defeated TJ Perkins & The Brian Kendrick to retain the Cruiserweight Title
  • Totally forgettable match, not helped by apparently Kendrick getting his bell rung accidently early in the bout
  • Post-Match Neville returns and beats down TJP and Swan, and gets chants of 'Thank You', from the crowd, showing just how they felt about the match
  • Charlotte defeats Sasha Banks 3-2 in an Ironman Match to win the Women's Title
  • Match of the night, there were no falls for nearly 20 minutes
  • Sasha was up 2-1 with 6 minutes left, then Charlotte went after her legs, locking in the figure four & then arching to the figure 8 with less than 2 minutes left, Sasha taps with 2 seconds on the clock forcing an over time
  • Sasha got busted open (either nose or upper lip), before she submitted to Charlotte
  • Kevin Owens defeated Roman Reigns via DQ to retain the Universal Title
  • Very slow and plodding match, down right boring until Owens avoids Reigns' drive-by late in the match
  • Jericho comes down teases he's undecided on who he's going to attack, before nailing Owens with a codebreaker and revealing the plan all along was for Jericho to attack Owens in case he couldn't put Reigns a way
  • Post Match: Rollins comes out, he and Reigns put Jericho and Owens through announce tables

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