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Doctor Who: The Romans Part 4

Hello Dwellers And Welcome To The Basement

On this edition of Doctor Who: Tales From The TARDIS, we are wrapping up our look at The Romans four-parter, with a recap & review of the final chapter titled 'Inferno!'

Next week, we start out look at 'The Web Planet'

QUICK NOTES Original Air date: February 6, 1965, 12 Millions Viewers (Up 2 Million from Previous Week)Time can't be re-written, but it will find a way to make sure key events takes place, for example The Doctor burning Nero's plans for a new Rome giving him the inspiration he needed to burn Rome to make sure his dream city can be built in its placeI love that the Doctor & Vicki's story line didn't fully crossover with Barbara & Ian's, the indirect assistance they give to one another (Vicki not knowing she saves Barbara's life in part 3 who in turns ends up saving the Doctor's life in part 4) with neither being none-the-wiser was really well done.Not sure how often this gets…