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Neverwinter But Always Cold!

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Tonight, a different game was played, Neverwinter, the Dungeon and Dragons MMORPG developed by Cryptic Studios (the same folks behind Star Trek Online), and in this video we quickly create a new character, run through the tutorial and do our first quest! -- Watch live at

Now I think I said this during the broadcast, but I have played Neverwinter before, the character I had was up to a level 14, but then lost interest in the game, but since one of the perks of using the Perfect World Arc system is that if you play (or at least LAUNCH) their F2P games you can earn points to covert to Zen, so I figured why not sit down and play this. I deleted the character I had and went with a totally new character of course named 'Zagreus'.
The game play itself is fine, use the left side of the key board for movement and key commands while using the mouse for basic attacks and looking around / aiming, s…

The Death Kiss (1932)

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This week's film review puts a spot light on the 1932 Mystery 'The Death Kiss' which features David Manners, Adrienne Ames and Bela Lugosi!

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to Basement Matinee

I like to think that everyone enjoys a good murder-mystery, heck, it's why I think the board game Clue remains a favorite with people well into adult-hood... and with that in mind, it's why I sat down to watch the 1932 film 'The Death Kiss'

Starring David Manners & Adrienne Ames while also featuring Bela Lugosi in a supporting roles, the film is set at a Hollywood Studio where a movie titled 'The Death Kiss' is nearing completition.
The story is as follow, an actor named Miles Brent is killed during the final scene where his character is supposed to be gun down, thus making it a perfect opportunity to have him killed, since it could look like an accident. However a screenwriter named Franklyn Drew (played…

Fun With Scripts: Knock, Knock

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On this edition of the Ghostbusters Containment Unit, I'm taking a look at a scene from the Real Ghostbusters episode 'Knock, Knock' in one of it's script variations, because the finished product ended up a bit different. The script for this particularly episode of RGB can be found at Spook Central:

QUICK NOTES Two of the big differences between the script I was reading from and the finished episode is Egon referencing the containment unit blowing up before and the rest of the Ghostbusters taking a big step back

Q's Winter Wonderland is a Step Between The Stars

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We're back with another replay of a twitch livestream, and we're kicking things off with more fun in Q's Winter Wonderland and then it's off to Klingon Empire to play an alternate version of A Step Between Stars! 
-- Watch live at