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Fuller House Season 2

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...Earlier this year I binged watch all of season one of Fuller House, so I did the same here with season two, and this of course is my early morning recap & review!

There isn't much use of the nostalgia card in season two, in fact compared to season one, the use of bringing in former characters for one shots and even Danny, Joey, Becky & Jesse is handled much better, only using them when it makes sense.Andrea Barber channeled Lucille Barber in the Halloween episode, she had her mannerisms and facial expressions down to a T (in fact check out the tweet below she sent as a reply when I said as such on twitter!)While it was a tad bit creepy that Steve basically dated a DJ clone, it was awesome to see it played into the theme of the season of 'moving forward', that he and DJ let what they had slip away a long time ago and they basically helped each other find happiness with othersThe character of Jimmy Gibbler just w…