Friday, December 9, 2016

Blue Seed: "Are You Serious?! Is This a Dream?! An Exciting Date"

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

Here we are, Talking Anime, and we are up to episode nine of Blue Seed, titled '"Are You Serious?! Is This a Dream?! An Exciting Date"... where we are introduced to Murakumo, and see a bit of a misunderstanding between of Kusanagi  and Momiji!

  • Original Airdate: November 30, 1994, English Airdate: December 4, 1999
  • Murakumo's introduction is very well handled, we instantly are shown he can handle things Kusanagi can't and it's clear he's not a good guy
  • The misunderstanding between Kusanagi and Momiji is very understandable considering the previous episode saw Momiji sorta fighting to have him to herself
  • Thanks to a flash back within the episode, I figure Kusanagi is roughly the the same age as Momiji, considering he was shown to be about the same age as Kaede who is Momiji's twin sister
  • The Hell-Hound Aragami are decent disposable monsters of the week, nothing really memorable
  • Koume and the puppy is oddly adorable considering she all about big guns and monster hunting

Doctor Who: The Romans Part 2

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...On this week's edition of Tales from the TARDIS, we are going over part two of 'The Romans' with the perfectly named 'All Roads Lead to Rome'.

  •  Original Broadcast Date: January 23, 1965. 11.5 Million Viewers
  • The title of this episode is rather perfect as it's to show under which circumstances The Doctor, Ian, Vicki and Barbara end up in Rome, with Ian's being the most over the top
  • There is some major similarities with how Nero is portrayed in this episode and how he's portrayed in History of the World Part 1
  • Tavius' reason for buying Barbara and basically being fine with her choosing to escape is pretty cool in my opinion
  • It's quite clear William Hartnell loved getting physical and having an extended action scene


Black Mirror Season 1

Hello Dweller and Welcome to the Basement...

With the majority of the next month freed TV wise, I figure I better come up with something, so thanks to a co-worker, I sat down and watched the first season of Black Mirror, and so here is my review of it. 

  • Unlike most shows, Black Mirror is a 'true' anthology series, every episode has to stand on it's own with a self contained story and unique characters, it's very much like the Twilight Zone.
  • Of the three episodes in the first season, I liked the second one the best and felt the third episode was the weakest
  • In The first episode, 'The National Anthem', where everyone is watching the PM having to do the deed, the reaction of the people is about as perfect represented as possible
  • If those involved got the rights to the name, this series could easily be called 'The Twilight Zone'

11/11/2019 Grandia

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