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Black Canary #1 (Comics From The Basement)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

And Happy Thanksgiving! I don't have any comics featuring a turkey, but I have one featuring another kind of bird... namely a Black Canary!


Hello Dwellers and Welcome to Comics From The Basement… And Happy Thanksgiving!
Yes it’s the day of family gathering, football and the eating of a bird that makes you fall asleep faster than an episode of Saturday Night Live.
Now because I don’t have any comics involving a turkey, I figure why not go over something that has a bird in it… or at least in the title, with Black Canary #1 from DC Comics
Now to clarify this is issue one of the current Black Canary series which launched in August of 2015, and is the fourth Black Canary solo series. The first was a four-issue mini series in 1991, the second a 12 issue run in 1993, and the third was also a four issue mini series in 2007.
Then there is this clarification, the Black Canary as a character overall, dates back to the 1940s, debuting in…

Blue Seed: "Complicated and Hard to Understand!" (Talking Anime)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...

We are talking Anime, and in particular, episode 6 of Blue Seed that is titled '"Complicated and Hard to Understand! Being a Man Puts You Into Such a Difficult Position?!" That's one long title!

QUICK NOTES The original air date was November 9, 1994, but the first English broadcast of the episode was November 20, 1999This episode is all about Yaegashi, the TAC's data computer specialist, as he nearly gets Koume killed because well, he's a computer nerdUnlike the previous episode which focused on not just Matsudaira but also character she impacts like her son and Kunsanagi, this is just only focused on Yaegashi and his lack of belief in himselfThe solution to dealing with the Aragmi in this episode being tied to the running gag involving Momiji's bloomers is a bit strange and can only be explained with the answer 'Because it's Japan'... SCREENSHOTS

Countdown to Camden Comic Con: Larry Hama Announced to Attend!

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

Just saw the news that writer & artist Larry Hama, who worked on GI Joe and Wolverine back with Marvel in the 80s and 90s, will be in attendance once again at the 2017 Camden Comic Con, which will be at the Rutgers Campus in downtown Camden, New Jersey.

Now as I said before, the C3 is free, it's in a great location and it's a awesome celebration of comic culture, and you get to meet folks in the industry, get some things signed, get some photos, talk shop with 'em. Quite frankly, I'm thrilled that Mr. Hama will be in attendance.

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The Rescue Part 1 (Tales From The TARDIS)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement & Tales From The TARDIS! 

As promised, we are doing two episodes this week, and tonight it's part one of the Doctor Who tale 'The Rescue', titled 'The Powerful Enemy' where we meet the new companion, Vicki! 

QUICK NOTES This episode first aired on January 2, 1965 and had about 12 million viewers watchingAccording to legend, Sydney Newman asked Maureen O'Brien (who played Vicki) to considered cutting her hair short and coloring it black. Her response was for him to beg Carol Ann Ford to come back! For a two-episode story, the first part does a lot to set up perils, with Koquillion pushing Barbara off a cliff and sealing Ian and the Doctor in the caveThere is a very touching moment when the Doctor calls for Susan, realizes his mistake and Barbara asks him to teach her how to open the TARDIS doorsVicki is very much a different character than Susan is, who was clearly book smart, Vicki clearly has had to fend for herself …