Sunday, November 20, 2016

5 Sentence Story Challenge: Peter and the Spud

It floats up through the floorboards, looking around carefully before moving to the kitchen where it 
plunges right into the fridge.

The fridge rocks and shakes, as the the sound of it eating echoes fairly loudly.

The next morning Peter enters with a yawn, rubbing an eye as he staggers towards the fridge.

Opening it, he reaches inside, but instead of grabbing something with a lid, his hand ends up grasping a chunk of lime green ectoplasm.

His eyes go wide as he looks at the familiar green blob in the fridge that smiles up at him innocently before fleeing with Peter screams, "SLIMER!"

Fan Art Corner - Extreme Ghostbusters Kylie Griffen

Hello Dwellers and welcome to the Basement... the result of some experimentation at 5 in the morning

Lets Play & Review: Balthazar's Dream

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...
A demo for a game called Balthazar's Dream was brought to my attention, and so I sat down to do a lets play and a review of it! It's from Psilocybe Games ( and a Kickstarter campaign will be starting November 24th to raise funds to get the game produced. But does the demo show enough to make it worth supporter? Let's find out! 


Steam Greenlight:

  • The controls are very responsive which is very important considering some of the in game mechanics, particularly the 'smart meter' which you have to pay attention to when using the ropes and vacuum cleaner and even the ball to get things accomplished.
  • The game certainly looks good, very easy on the eyes
  • The level design is linear, but not totally straightforward, somethings need near perfect timing
  • The music is lovely, sure its repetitive but it doesn't cause a distration
  • Yes, the game does get my seal of approval for folks to donate to its Kickstarter campaign when it starts on November 24th


9/22/2019 Sunday Night Overwatch