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Recap and Review: NXT Takeover Tortono

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NXT Takeover Toronto aired earlier this evening, and so I'm giving my raw view on what went down in this recap & review.

1st Match Notes
Tye Dillinger vs Bobby Roode
  • Chorus Entrance for Roode
  • Surprisingly I think Tye is more over than Roode in Toronto
  • Solid match, nothing spectacular, these are two guys who back in the 80s would be the ones having time-limit draws to open live events
  • There was an obligatory 'Canadain Sharpshooter' spot done because both are Canadian's and this show was in Tortono
  • Roode wins with DDT

2nd Match Notes
Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Finals
TM-61 vs The Authors of Pain
  • Paul Ellering was in a a shark cage to keep him from interfering in the match, still he could yell out instructions from being raised 13 feet in the air
  • There was some ass-hat yelling 'Russo Booked This' even though putting a manager in a cage to keep them from being a factor is very old school, i.e. the Battle of Atlanta
  • Razar carrying Shane Thorn up the scaffold used for Ellering's cage was quite a visual as well as Thorn leaping off of it onto the Authors
  • Miller should some impressive strength, though not sure if guys like the Authors shoud be taken off their feet by a guy built like him
  • Ellering ended up being a factor, dropping a chain down to Razar which he wrapped around his hand, but didn't get to use, as with Shane blocked the punch the chain went flying into the crowd.
  • Regardless, The Authors of Pain win
  • Match went a bit too long for the result I think but it was a fun

3rd Match Notes
2 out of 3 Falls For The NXT Tag Team Titles
The Revival Defending against DIY
  • I still believe the Revival are the best damn tag team in the WWE today, as they perfectly controlled the match and got the 1st fall
  • I did not like that the match didn't continue right away followign the first fall
  • There was a great build up for Gargano to tag Ciampa, but the perfect tag team psychology of the Revival leading the to the Ref to miss the tag, so that when Ciampa finally got the tag it meant something and eventually lead to DIY getting the 2nd fall so it became 1-1
  • 3rd fall saw a lot of pinfalls attempts and saves, but still the Revivals pacing kept the match from turning into ShINDY nonsense
  • Dawson got one of the title belts and used it to block Gargano's kick, injuring his leg and locking in an inverted-figure 4, similar to Brooklyn, but Gargano forced his way to the ropes for a break
  • Finish game with The Revival looking to do DIY's finish, they missed, DIY hit the Revival's finish and nearly the win
  • DIY locked in Submissions on both members of the Rivial making them tap out for the win at the same time
  • This was better than Brooklyn, as it was clearly the Revival dictacting the pace

4th Match Notes
NXT Women's Championship Match
Asuka defending against Mickie James
  • Mickie came out to her classic WWE Music, which still has a great bass line, would've been awesome  if she came out to one of her own songs
  • Lots of folks at ringside wearing Asuka masks which gave a bit of a creep-cool vibe.
  • This was just great, some mat wrestling, some head games, counters, with Mickie actually having Asuka retreating a bit, but things slowly building for things to be more intense the second things went to the floor
  • Asuka sent Mickie ass over head with a wicked german on the floor
  • Mickie ate a number of Asuka and put her in the Muta-Lock, certainly pushing the champ beyond what she had to do sicne arriving in NXT, certainly raising a lot of dout on if Auska will retain
  • Asuka went for the Asuka-Lock, barely was able to lock it in following a series of counters by Mickie looking to escape
  • Awesome match
  • Post match, Mickie looked to shake Asuka hand, but Asuka held up the title instead, possibily setting up a future match

5th Match Notes
NXT Title Match
 Shinsuke Nakumara defending against Samoa Joe
  • I didn't care for this match, I haven't been a fan of Joe in nearly 10 years and I haven't gotten into Nakamura
  • Nakamura's unnecsarily long entrance exposed a huge problem, as Joe should've beat the hell out of all the violinists and then Nakamura, with the ref asking if Nakamura wants to fight, he says yes and then Joe destroys him for the title.
  • Really this match was nothing special and was rather mundane, starting it off like some MMA nonsense and going into the crowd really doesn't hide the fact that Joe is big and slow and that Nakamura is a dangerous performer.
  • There were so many strikes thrown in this match that I was actually shocked when there was an actual wrestling move done (such as a late match German suplex by Nakamura). Another problem was also exposed with having so many 'finishers' that the kick-outs and escapes don't feel special the longer it goes on.
  • Joe did get the win to become a two-time NXT Champion following a kick ot the balls,and a the incredibly moronic that it's still allowed muscle buster. there was some idiotic crowd shots showing a 'surprised reaction', as if Nakamura is someone on the level of Cena or Undertaker who when they lose it's something that should be 'awe inducing'

Recap & Review Stranger Things

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

Thanks to a co-worker, I sat down and watched the entire season of the Netflix original series Stranger Things... watching the first episode late Thursday night and then watching the remaining seven in a binge marathon that ended just before six in the morning.... cause the show was that damn good folks...

  • The series is paced like a book, everything happens in a totally straight forward manner, and you don't want to stop watching it
  • There is some obvious E.T. vibes throughout it
  • The kid actors carry the show, talk about getting an awesome group
  • Winona Ryder hasn't been this good in 20 years
  • My biggest nitpick is the placement of the opening credits happening after a long cold open that is so epic that it takes me out of the episode for a couple of minutes
  • Yes the vlog recording started exactly at 6 AM

Countdown To Camden Comic Con 2017

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement....

Earlier this year I attended Camden Comic Con, which was held at the Rutgers Campus in my home town of Camden, New Jersey... and the excitement is already building towards the next one on April 8, 2017.


Well let's look at what's already been announced.

Jon Schindehette of and who has worked as a creative director for Dungeons & Dragons will be in attendance. From what I understand he's going to do a lecture on building a portfolio for both D&D and Magic: The Gathering as well as producing one's own comic book. That's pretty damn cool for those who are creators looking for advice on how to get their foot in the door as well as insight on getting their content made.

Also announced, Mark Morales who has worked at DC and MARVEL, Bryan JL Glass (known for work on the Mice Templer), plus Pat Shand the writer behind Desnity NY. That's already an impressive line up in my humble opinion.

But the guests aside, you know what's great about Camden Comic Con? It's a great community event, for people of all ages, that really celebrates geek culture, and it's in an easy to access area for people who drive and for those of us who take public transit. Trust me, it's easier to get to Rutgers Campus in Camden than it is to get to the Philadelphia Convention Center where the rather over priced Wizard convention is often held.

Now we're obviously still a few months away, and more guests and vendors are going to be announced between now and April, and the best way to stay up to date is to check out the C3's tumble page at and to follow them on Facebook at

Plus any time something new is announced I'll keep ya'll posted here. 

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