Thursday, November 17, 2016

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Outlaw Country (Recap and Review)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

It's Thursday Night, We had a new episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and so we're doing a recap and review of 'Outlaw Country' (Season 2, Episode 6)

  • This was a fun episode, can't go wrong with setting things in the Wild West.... 
  • Jonah Hex's interaction with Sara Lance made for some great 'clashing' of attitudes, sure he comes around and accepts her as a capable leader, but his line about 'this is what happens when you put women in charge, you sit around and talk about your feelings' had my laughing... 
  • The stuff with Mick was clearly to justify Vixen being around cause I'm guessing the writers realized they screwed up with her introduction and first full episode with the team... 
  • This episode did tie in a bit with Abominations from a couple of weeks ago, so we get some nice continuity there... 
  • I like the stuff with Martin and Jefferson having their own thing going on as a bit of a fall out from last week's adventure in 1987.... 
  • Ray has a whole lot of Dwarf Star material now, so let's see that new Atom suit ASAP!

Tank Girl Carioca #2 - Comics From The Basement

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...

A while back I took a look at Tank Girl Carioca #1, and this week I'm going over issue two of this three-issue mini-series.



To briefly recap, T.G. and Booga go on a game show, she gets a question right but the host lies and insults her under his breath, leading T.G. to go into a bit of rage and get revenge… but oddly enough, she ends up feeling bad about it. And with that, let’s get to reviewing Tank Girl Caricoa Number #2

T.G. comes down from the mountain where she had an epiphany, that she is going to follow a new path in life, she will dedicate herself to helping folks and violence will no longer be tolerated. Some members of her band of miscreants aren’t too happy with it… as Jet Girl storms off but to make up for there is a foul mouth gopher running around insulting everyone, giving some great comic relief. After getting some new clothes (white robes sewed by Jackie), painting the tank white, and getting everyone whipped into shape T.G. and crew go of to do some good deeds.

However thigns get off to a rough start when some poor sap and his elderly mother tries to rob our ‘heroes’, T.G. peacefully with some psychic abilities deals with the guy, but Booga ends up kicking and the old woman right in face. Regardless, T.G. wants to bring the them into her new ‘cult’ of Carioca, and they travel to a town called Dungtown… which I bet is Chicago in the Tank Girl universe… T.G. spreads her new message that she can ‘save’ them… and when a gang of Arse Bandits rides into town, T.G. and crew deals with them in a peaceful manner… but dumping one onto a mince machine, kicking another’s head off… and basically turning them all into fertilizer for the gang’s leader.

Elsewhere, the widow of Charlie Happy, the game show host that sent T.G. over the edge wants her husbands killers found and dealt with… wanting their balls in a sandwich… and highs a group of assassins to go hunt down T.G. and co

Back with T.G. Andy ask T.G. why doesn’t she use her powers to deal with all the all the evil in the world, but she doesn’t care about it anymore, she’s been obsessed with stuff from all those who try and control the world for their own benefit at the expense of the people, and it’s basically been a heavy cloud over her soul… she then goes off and is attacked by one of the assassins, the Exit Warrior, which she deals with in short order… and realizing that he’s was sent by Charlie Happy’s widow wants her dead, T.G. figures its best to prepare for war

Jet Girl gets a letter saying she’s been left a house from her Uncle Ivan, and since she wasn’t left any money, the butler steals her jet, but she doesn’t totally care about it.

The comic ends with T.G. leading her Caroica cult and they need to get some rest, but T.G. feels they have to push on to stay ahead of their enemies. They end up running into another assassin and his army, and it’s a fight for survival. Jet Girl arrives, saying that the path T.G. is on doesn’t suit her and she she needs to go find herself again… with T.G. screaming for Jet Girl to help her.

VERDICT: This comic is just… weird in how it’s paced, the plot is decently advanced, to get to the conclusion in the third and final issue, and the artwork is okay with it being up to the standard set by the first issue. The question comes down to is it engaging enough to warrant continuing reading, even if it’s just 3-issue mini series and I’ve already gone over the first two issues at this point. That is yet to be determine of of course.

Anyway next week is Thanksgiving… and instead of giving you turkey… I’m going to give you The Black Canary…

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Highlights 1/18/2019

On my 1/18/2019 Twitch Broadcast, I went through the arcade mode of the remaining characters I have (2 I don't have yet)