Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Flash: Shade (Recap & Review)

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It's Tuesday night and we had a new episode of The Flash, so we as an I am recapping and reviewing 'Shade' (Episode 6, Season 3)

  • Good lord was this episode terrible, great ideas executed poorly [much like the fics I write 8)
  • HR was the only saving grace with him pointing out that having Star Labs open could provide the team extra cover, to hitting on Joe's would-be girlfriend to having insight on Shade, dude was on point
  • The Caitlin stuff was just awful here, just totally bad execution
  • Wally West basically became a whiny jealous twit that needed to get cold-cocked (thank you Iris)... 
  • They are going to their money's work out of that Zoom costume aren't they with how the new big bad (Savitar?) looked

Gotham: Mad City: The Executioner (Recap and Review)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement... 

It's a Tuesday morning, had time to watch last night's episode of Gotham titled "Mad City: The Executioner" (Season 3, Episode 9) and of course I'm doing my recap and review of it! 

  • The stuff with Barnes was just too cartoony, everything felt just too over the top in my opinion, in particular the closing shot of him yelling guilty out the window at Arkham then turning to screaming it at camera / viewers
  • Calling it know: Barnes is going to escape from Arkham and is going to go after Lee, Harvey and Jim
  • I liked the stuff with Ivy, Selina and Bruce, this was pretty fun, even with the hitmen with crossbows chasing them, there were some light moments that made it enjoyable, I do suspect that will result in plenty of fics being shipped by the end of the week however (haha)
  • Did Penguin forget that Nygma was a forensic scientist and has a very analytical mind, the second he said he was going to where Isabella was killed should've sent off some red flags, cause it doesn't take Nygma long to figure out that the new love of his life was killed
  • All in all, this wasn't a good episode in my opinion

Basement Planning: Ideas For When My Favorite Shows Goes On Hiatus

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

We are rapidly approaching one of the times of year where shows start reaching their mid-season finales and so I have to figure out what I'll do to fill the addition time, because I like producing close to 'daily content' with two of three videos. Now with Agents of SHIELD currently on a hiatus I've expanded Talking Anime to two episodes a week to cover the time, so that may be the cause for it, as well as Tales from The TARDIS since I can easily do two episodes a week of each series. I may do some more live streams on twitch during the 'down time' and probably play games that aren't Star Trek Online. A friend of mine recommend Stranger Things on Netflix, but would I want to do a recap and review of each episode as a I watch or just the broad overview of the season like I've done with Fuller House, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage & Daredevil Season 2. All things I have to consider! I've even consider jokingly reading chapters of a book, doubt that would go over very well!

Recap and Review Supergirl

Recap and Review Gotham
Recap and Review The Flash
Recap and Review Agents of SHIELD 

Recap and Review Arrow

Recap and Review DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Recap and Review ??? (currently no shows filling this night, it was occupied by MacGyver 2K16 before I gave up on that

PENDING: Recap and Review iZombie will be added to the schedule once season 3 starts.

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