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The Walking Ally - The Dalek Invasion of Earth (Tales From The TARDIS)

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Tonight on Tales From The TARDIS, we're going over part five of the 'Dalek Invasion of Earth', with this chapter called 'The Walking Ally, which is a bit ironic when you really think about it! 

QUICK NOTES For something called the Walking Ally, Ian's ally Larry does very little of it, he gets hurt and killed by his own brother-turned-robomanSusan and David little flirt scene was nice, and the Doctor's quip of 'Something's cooking' implies he knows something is up with them while also addressing the food Susan manged to prepareThe Dalek's plan is to turn the Earth into basically the Death Star, remove the core and replace it with an engineIan picks the worst hiding spots imaginable, I bet he sucked at hide & seek as a kidThere is a great moment when the Dalek Babrara is speaking too looks towards the camera as of if to say 'can you believe the balls on this woman' when she demands to speak t…

Blue Seed: It's Spring! It's the Capital! I'll Do My Best!! (Talking Anime)

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We're talking about Anime, and we're up to episode three of the series Blue Seed, titled "It's Spring! It's The Capital! I'll Do My Best!" (Who names these things?!)

QUICK NOTES This episode was basically to transition Momiji from her High School life to becoming a member of the TACI love the fact that despite the terror she's facing with the crow-demon, Momiji keeps her wits and focuses on trying to either escape or as a last resort try to fight backStaying with that, she does want to know what is going on and how she can help fight against Aragami Kunikida's mini arc in realizing he can't shelter Momiji from what's going on is handled well, even if it comes across as briefNot sure if the Crow-Demon has a name, but it looked pretty damn cool.

Star Trek The Next Generations #38 (Comics From The Basement)

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This week's review is Star Trek The Next Generation #38, published by DC Comics in 1992 to wrap up the Ardra and Shanzibar 3-parter!

The Cover!

The Script 

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To Comics From The Basement…
Today we are wrapping up our look at a bit of a reoccurring featuring here with the 3-part Ardra / Shanizbar trilogy that made up Star Trek The Next Generation issue 36, 37 & 38. To recap briefly, the Enterprise-D arrived at Shanizbar for a bit of shore leave but the planet’s rouge nature means it’s a little rough and Ardra’s ship is seen in orbit, remembering her from what happened in the episode Devil’s Due, Picard Troi LaForge and Ro go down dressed rather casually to have a bit of leave as they search for her to stop her… they get into a bar / theater fight, end up in jail, encounter Ardra who says the planet’s king is in danger, and they escape from jail… and now the startling conclusion.
Which is printed right …