Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The End of Tomorrow - The Dalek Invasion of Earth (Tales from the TARDIS)

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Extra episode of Tales from the TARDIS this week, as we go over part four of The Dalek Invasion of Earth, titled 'The End of Tomorrow'. Who knew that all roads lead to Bedfordshire?

  • The episode premiered December 12, 1964 and had an audience 11.9 Million Viewers
  • The Doctor is only seen in the opening of the episode as he's still out of it from when the Daleks doped him up in part 2
  • Barbara running over Daleks in a fire truck is freaking awesome
  • This episode takes advantage of being able to film outdoors with the use of the fire truck and a great exterior shot of humans pulling a heavy cart under the watch of the Robomen and a Dalek
  • The build up to Susan's final episode hits a key moment as she's intrigued of rebuilding the world if the Daleks can be defeated
  • The Slyther is just silly, considering the more realistic threat of alligators in the sewers of London


Who is the top Women's Champion in WWE? (The RAW View)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...
On this week's RAW VIEW, I ask a not so simple question: who is the top Women's Champion currently in WWE, is it RAW's Women's Champion Charlotte, or is it SmackDown's Women's Champion Becky Lynch, or is it NXT Women's Champion Asuka? 


Gotham: Mad City - Blood Rush (Recap & Review)

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It's Election Day, but more importantly, it's time to go over last night's episode of Gotham titled 'Mad City: Blood Rush', where Barnes starts to become The Judge, The Jury and the Executioner

  • I remember on Batman: The Animated series that when Harvey Dent's personality split a second time, there was a character called 'The Judge' introduced and its M.O. was similar to Barnes new mindset
  • So much for the love triangle between Isabella, Nygma and Penguin, assuming Isabella didn't catch the train with her car
  • So just how long is the Gordon-Leslie-Mario fiasco going to play out for?

Blue Seed: It's Cruel! It's Mysterious! It's My Destiny!! (Talking Anime)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...With no new episodes of Agents of SHIELD or The Flash this week, I figure why not take advantage of the freed up time, and do an extra episode of my anime recap, review and commentary series 'Talking Anime', and tonight, I'm going over episode two of Blue Seed, titled 'It's Cruel! It's Mysterious! It's My Destiny!!'

  • I get why when the series was broadcasted in English in 1999 why they did it with 'two episodes' per week, it's because the first two episodes basically is one story divided in two
  • Kusangi's backstory on why he has to the blue beads in his body is explained in this episode, as well as why he figures it's best if he kills Momiji, but he can't bring himself to do it
  • This episode establishes the banter between Momiji and Kusangi for the rest of the series
  • I love the fact that the 'miracle of modern science' is basically Orochi's entire plan to deal with Momiji, not to mention the cause of his defeat
  • I'm gonna have to use the phrase 'because Japan' to get around talking about certain aspects of this series at numerous points...

Blue Seed, Episode 2: Orochi has his eye on you

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