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Sin You Sinners (From The Vault)

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On this week's From The Vault feature, I'm going over the 1963 film 'Sin You Sinners' and... this movie, despite it's story... is surprisingly good. 

QUICK NOTES This film was written and directed by Joseph Sarno, who is probably best known for his more 'mature' audience aimed films...The character of Julie (played by Dian Lloyd) is pretty likeable, in fact all the characters in the movie are pretty well defined, you like who you're supposed to like and hate who you're supposed to hate.The music adds to the feature, help driving the 'sleaze' factor in a number of scenesThe story of how Bobbi (played by June Colburne) got her magical amulet is about as hokey as it getsConsidering how much Bobbi's actions disgust her, Julie certainly lets loose in the film's closing scenes.The subplot of Bobbi dealing with a rival is okay, but the film is at its best when focused on Julie.

Blue Seed Episode 01: "Princess Kushinada" (Talking Anime)

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Starting today the 'Talking Anime' will be focusing on the anime series 'Blue Seed' and we're starting right off from episode one, "Princess Kushinada" as I totally mispronounce various names in my attempt to discuss some of things about the episode that interested me. 


This is basically the outline of talking points I wanted to address for myself in the video, I got myself side-tracked at times. 
"Princess Kushinada"
Premiered October 5, 1994 (English airdate, November 6, 1996)
Blue Seed was created by Yuzo Takada, original manga run from March 1992 to June 1996
Sets up the premises for the series nicely while giving some basic backstory which is based in Japanese mythology.
In the context of Blue Seed, an Aragmi named Orochi tormented a family in the Izumo province, where every year for seven years they had to sacrifice one of their daughters to it, and on the eighth year,…

Doctor Who: Supremacy of the Cybermen #1 (Comics From the Basement)

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Back in September I was asked to take a look at Doctor Who Supremacy of the Cybermen, the mini-series being published by Titan Comics to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the one of the top villains in the Doctor Who franchise, and thus, we are going over issue #1 today. 

QUICK REVIEW NOTES I actually have the first four issues of the mini-series, but I'm going to space out the reviews a bit to allow everyone to track them down first!The artwork on the Doctors is fine, but the artwork on the companions from the show (Rose & Jackie Tyler, Captain Jack) is pretty badWith four Doctors, it's amazing they all get just about equal time to set up their perils that they will be facing over the course of the story. This is a light and easy ready, very well written and executed as flawlessly as possible to kick start the mini-series.

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As you probably know because o…