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Arrow: Human Target (Recap and Review)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...
Tonight we're going over the latest episode of 'Arrow', titled 'Human Target' (Season 5, Episode 5) where Tobias Church learns that Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow and sets in motion his plans to become the Kingpin of crime.

QUICK NOTES Has there been a character with more TV chances than 'The Human Target', a pilot in 1992, a TV series on Fox in 2010 and now here in a big role on Arrow.... Tobias Church's story was brought to a close and it's clear he was the 'busy work' until it was time for Prometheus to start causing havoc (doesn't help that next week's episode is also 'So It Begins')... I like the idea of Diggle being a mentor of sorts to Wild Dog with both having military backgrounds and similar experiences... And now more of Oliver's past is gonna come back to bite him as a photograph of him will expose he wasn't on the island the entire time.