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Agents of SHIELD: Lockup (Recap & Review)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

Tonight we are going over this week's episode of Agents of SHIELD, episode titled 'Lockup', the team busts into prison to get Robbie's uncle out, but things get a bit out of a hand.

QUICK NOTES Kind of funny that AOS and Arrow both have 'break into prison' episodes in the same week, this was pretty fun as it was heavy on the action...  Ghost Rider basically getting everyone back into their cells after finding and frying 'the last guy who did something bad' was unintentionally funnyCoulson needs to pester May about what she really saw when she died needs to be running gag... Nice to see Daisy in that skin tight suit... Also surprised The Director is going to play 'ball' with that senator Nedar

The Flash: The New Rogues (Recap & Review)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

Tonight we are going over The Flash's newest episode, 'The New Rogues', and episode that while good certainly kinda of felt a little 'fillerly' (yeah that's not a word...) 

QUICK NOTES In a way this episode just served to get Barry to move out of Joe's house... Caitlin's looking a little Frosty.... Oh joy another Wells to get used to, he better be as cool as the Earth-2 Wells!... Love the Jesse Quick costume, it just looks slick... How great was it to see Captain Cold again, even in a limited capacity...  I like how Mirror Master and Top were used, but they were clearly used as 'filler', so I'm not sure if we'll see them again.

Gotham: Mad City: Follow the White Rabbit (Recap & Review)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement....

As is the norm, it's a Tuesday morning, and so we are going over last night's episode of Gotham titled 'Mad City: Follow The White Rabbit'. 

QUICK NOTES The plot of this episode is basically lifted from Die Hard with a Vengeance, right down to the rhymesDoes Jim really love Val more than Lee, or did he say for Jervis to shoot Val because he was protecting herNo Bruce or Selina this weekIsabella has to be a ploy by Butch to get back at Edward