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Recap and Reviewing Legends of Tomorrow - JSAwesome Except For Vixen's Attitude Towards Ray

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement... Tonight we, well I, am going over the latest episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, titled 'The Justice Society of America', which certainly was a fun episode with one big exception.. as the title of this video indicates.

QUICK NOTES I really could've done without 'Ray is not a real superhero because he doesn't have real super powers' nonsense in this episode as it left a sour taste in my mouth when it came to Vixen who I'm betting is going to be his real love interest for the seasonNot to mention that attitude is basically what leads to Nate getting to fulfill his destiny in becoming the new Commander SteelAnd for the record, lets remember than in addition to Ray most of the Legends (Rip, Sara, Mick, Jefferson and Martin - when they are not Firestorm) don't have superpowers!Great character moments with Martin as it lead to Sara getting put in a position she was being groomed for from the very start when yo…

Lets Play & Review: Tyler Model-005

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...

Every so often, someone brings something to my attention, and I've been lucky so far that I've been presented with some quality stuff... and that string of success continues when @codybye over Twitter made me aware of a game that is trying to raise funds over on Kickstarter, 'Tyler: Model-005' (Click Here For Kickstarter Information).

The game premise as presented is that Tyler awakens after being deactivated for a long period of time, and has to find his creator. Pretty simple and basic, you don't need big over the top stories and stuff, just present a nice premise like this and you can hook people in.

Now the angle with the game is that Tyler is a robot who is only a few inches tall, and thus our everyday world (or that of the 1950s) to him is ginormous in scale. Now maybe it's because I just finished going over Doctor Who: Planet of Giants last week, but I feel this game hits on some of the 'big challenges&#…