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Uran's Twin - Astro Boy Episode 29

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement!
On this week's edition of Talking Anime. I am still  going through the episode on the Astro Boy Greatest Astro Adventures DVD, and this week's episode is number 29, titled 'Uran's Twin'.


QUICK NOTES Uran without question is the start of this particular episode, right down to the ending credits featuring her instead of Astro (I don't know how common this was). Astro is basically an afterthought even though he gets to save the day. The issue of parents pushing kids into doing various extra curricular activities surely is a universal concept, particularly when the kid have no interest in certain activitesJust going by the episodes on this DVD, it's quite clear that Uran is a tomboy, as she was into auto-racing in 'Robio and Robiette' and was willing to fight to protect Astro in 'The Greatest Robot In The World'Seriously, what the hell was up with the tentacles under the robot's …

Doctor Vampire (aka 殭屍醫生) - From The Vault

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to The Basement! 
On this week's From The Vault feature, I go over Doctor Vampire (aka 殭屍醫生), released in 1990 in Hong Kong, this is one of the most over the top films I've ever seen that proves Comedy can translate... as long as its from Cantonese to English.

QUICK NOTES The body language and facial expression performed by the actors make the subtitles unneeded. You can easily just sit and watch the action play out. There is a lot of visual gags, such as someone walking in at just the wrong moment to think they see something, to just physical comedy, such as Tsung drinking V8 using two straws as if he's sucking blood from a veingThe cast has incredible chemistry, there isn't a bad scene at all in the movie, everything to me comes across perfectly, so you can buy that their characters are genuine. This is actually a big trend with a lot of films from Hong Kong, as seen with a lot of Jackie Chan films. The bit with the near dead guy revived by Ts…