Saturday, October 15, 2016

iZombie Apocalypse: Part 2 - iZombie uVampire

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to Comics from the Basement... and part two of the iZombie Apocalypse! What short of brains does Gwen get a hold of this time around? And what is up with the monkey... and who is this mysterious Galatea who looks like the bride of Frankenstein and how does reviving the vampire known as Claire fits in with her schemes?! 

  • Issues 6 and 12 could almost be considered skip-able, if they didn't serve to establish more of the backstory for Scott and Ellie
  • I'd like to know when it was decided to make Scott a member of the LGBTQ community because it certainly comes out of no where
  • Gramps getting a second chance at life only for his soul to be in that of a chimp is one hell of an ironic twist considering his role of Mr. Chimps was the bane of his existance.
  • If it was not for Claire being unable to control her own impulses, Nemia and the other Vampires wouldn't be running around town.
  • I don't care what anyone says, Galatea is the Bride of Frankenstein there are two many references for it not to be the case.
  • The issue with the body snatching is clearly why Olivia in the show works in the city morgue, to prevent her brain supply from being cut off easily


Live From The Basement: October 15, 2016

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement... yes, this is my latest Twitch live stream of Star Trek Online. And after doing a couple of things with Raz just to get closer to completing another Agents of Yesterday achievement, it's off to play with Zagreus in a number of Special Task Force Missions... and the missions include the following: 

Brotherhood of the Sword (Elite)
Federation Fleet Alert (Borg)
Bug Hunt (Elite)
Infected: The Conduit (Advance)
Khitomer in Stasis (Advance)
The Cure Found (Advance)

9/22/2019 Sunday Night Overwatch