Thursday, October 13, 2016

Legends Of Tomorrow: Just In (Not Outta) Time

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement... tonight was the season two premier of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, called 'Out of Time'. and I am going over it in of course. It's been six months since the events of season one, and the Waverider is resenting at the bottom of the Atlantic... how and why did this happened, and why is Mick Rory the only one on the ship... and who is this Nathan Haywood?

  • It's nice that villians already seen as major threats ,Reverse-Flash and Damian Dahrk, get another go-round in the Arrowverse
  • Mick Rory continues to be the best damn character on the show
  • I think it's cannon at this point that if left alone, Sara Lance will sleep with every woman in every time period, I'm half expecting a cross-over between DC Legends and The Crucible to pop up as a fan fiction by the end of next week
  • Where exactly did Rip Hunter go?
  • Outside of Stargirl, I'm not really sold on the costumes the JSA were wearing at the end of this episode


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