Sunday, October 9, 2016

WWE No Mercy Reactions & Observations

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement! 
WWE had its No Mercy event tonight, live on the  WWE Network... I watched it... and of course I have my reactions and observations regarding the event, that was surprisingly backwards regarding when each match took place... 

Match Results
  1. American Alpha & The Hype Bros defeated The Ascensions & The Vaudevillains
  2. AJ Styles retained the WWE Championship over Dean Amborse & John Cena
  3. Nikki Bella defeated Carmella
  4. Heath Slater & Rhyno retained the Tag Team Championship over the Usos
  5. Baron Corbin defeated Jack Swaggers
  6. Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship
  7. Naomi defeated Alexa Bliss
  8. Bray Wyatt defeated Randy Orton
Quick Notes
  • Becky Lynch was unable to compete due to a injury, will defend the Women's Title against Alexa Bliss in early November
  • Loved the psychology used by Corbin to go after Swagger's hand to try and keep him from using the ankle lock submission
  • The triple threat match for the WWE Title was basically a house-show match, no drama, and the finish was cheap, even with a heel retaining
  • I hate the fact Ziggler won... much like Bray Wyatt having the Wyatt family, it's an act done to death, with no real benefit for the fans
  • Naomi is, was and forever will be one of the worst female performers in the WWE (just ahead of Eva Marie and Summer Rae), she is all 'show' and no 'go', and this stands out even more when she is the one subsituting for Becky Lynch
  • Nikki vs Carmella & the Tag Team Title matches were both solid, nothing memorable
  • I'd grade this show a C... a show that was just... there

Astro Boy Episodes 23 & 24: The Greatest Robot In The World

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to The Basement! On this week's edition of 'Talking Anime', I'm going over two episodes of Astro Boy, the two-parter 'The Greatest Robot In The World', granted only one of those episodes was included on the Astro Boy: Greatest Astro Adventures DVD.


 Part 1

Part 2

  • It boggles the mind that part two is not on the Astro Boy: Greatest Astro Adventures DVD that I have, thankfully part two was posted on YouTube!
  • Uran stepping up and willing to go up against Bruton to protect Astro is pretty damn cool, and if you were to look at her and Astro, outside of the hair styles, they are pretty similar... if you ignore the fact Uran is shorter
  • Bruton's battles with the other robots are old gruesome with perfect use of 'making you imagine' whats happening, except in the case where he uses his horns to RIP THE ROBOT DETECTIVE IN HALF!
  • The moral of 'you can't win just by strength alone' is a good one... as a big part of it is Astro worrying how is he going to fight Bruton how has a millions horse power
  • The Sultan weeping over the fallen Bruton is interesting the more I think about it, that he took pride in how powerful the robot was, and it was his own ambition that lead to Bruton's destruction. (wish I talked about that in the video lol) 

Scorpion Thunderbolt

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement... This week, I go over the second film on the Tales Of  Voodoo Volume 5 DVD... Scorpion Thunderbolt... it's 80% of a decent horror movie called Snake Woman... combined with stuff involving B-Movie acting legend Richard Harrison...


Quick Notes
  • Snake Woman was made in 1983, and was released in Taiwan, and possibly Korea (according to the Hong Kong Movie Database, it's title there is 'Grudge of the Sleep waking Woman
  • I can over look bad dubbing, because what I saw of Snake Woman in this movie, it looks really good, it's total late 70s, early 80s monster / horror movie cheese with an over the top premise
  • Because of how forced in the Richard Harrison content feels, Scorpion Thunderbolt gives off the vibe that I'm flipping back and forth between two channels, trying to catch the best parts of two films.
  • The snake monster costume looks totally silly, but since it's mostly seen in night or dark scenes, it serves its purpose of looking somewhat menacing under those conditions
  • I really REALLY want to see Snake Woman in its completed form, even if its not dubbed into English. 

Screen Caps

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