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Dangerous Journey - Tales From The TARDIS

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to The Basement... On this week's episode of Tales From The TARDIS, I go over part two of 'Planet of Giants'.

QUICK NOTES How our heroes escape the cat is a bit... silly, straight out of Jurassic Park as if the cat was a T.Rex, so our heroes just stand perfectly still The plot with the DN9, Forrester and Smithers is so... dull... the concept of the the TARDIS crew being an inch tall, exploring a general area and getting far from the ship and having difficulty getting back to it is strong enough to stand on it's own I get WHY the insecticide plot is there, because there was for decades the controversy over the dangers they present to various animal life, because not all insects do harm to crops. I love the sets and the effort to give this episode a sense of size and scale, the fact that it's clear things were actually BUILT for this story is made even more impressive knowing this was a serialized television show made in 1964! Despite being intr…

Total Bellas: The Cena House Rules... So Tread Lightly

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement....
Yeah, should not come as a shock that as a wrestling fan that I am also a fan of Total Divas and was going to check out the premier episode for its spin off Total Bellas...and hey it had an alligator in it, so it had something for everyone! 

QUICK NOTES I seriously think John Cena has a case of O.C.D., cause some of those house rules made no sense If I never hear the phrase 'Downtown Abby' again, I'll feel so happy So exactly does what purpose does J.J. Bella Serve? Loved that they included clips of Johnny Ace's career when explaining who he is to the viewers Daniel and Brie need to work on calming Josie down, it's totally possible