Sunday, October 2, 2016

Astro Boy Episode 21 - The Liar Robot

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...

This week in the Basement I am still focused on the Astro Boy Greatest Astro Adventure DVD, and this week I'm going over 'The Liar Robot'... aka Astro Boy's take on The Boy Who Cried Wolf! 


  • Something I did not mention was that 'True' looks very much like Mega Man, who wouldn't come along for over 5 years
  • 'True's' helicopter blades being able to cut through trees and a mountain is impressive, how many of these robots are there?
  • Seriously, Astro Boy's origins involve him dying in a car crash, and the reason for 'True' lying is because of a tragic automobile accident? Is there something about late 1970s traffic in Japan I don't know about?
  • The scene where 'True' gets attacked by the towns folk is so unintentionally funny because of how unbelievably violent it is


Katrina Hates The Dead

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement... 

Ever wondered how if the rapture happened how much life would suck? Well in this week's comic 'Katrina Hates The Dead' from Wannabe Press,  we get a very good idea of that concept and more! 


Thanks to The Simpsons episode ‘Thank God, It’s Doomsday’, the Rapture kind of enter the pop culture main stream, (at least from my point of view), with the whole ‘Left Below’ bit, that the holy and most devout gets brought up to heaven, while the rest of humanity is left to deal with Apocalypse, as shown in the episode when God shows Homer what Marge, Lisa, Maggie and Bart are having to deal with…

And that brings us to this week’s comic, “Katrina Hates The Dead’ From Wannabe Press… written by Russeel Nohelty  with pencils by Juan Frigeri. Katina is one of the many humans left to deal with hell on earth, demons, zombies and other spawn that after years of tormenting humanity have settled into a bit of a mundane life in the suburbs… she gets called into work on her day off, much to her dismay, and it’s straight down the proverbial  hellish rabbit hole for her such as having to help Connie and her boyfriend  Dennis to a clinic because he has caught the plague… getting roped into knocking off Lucifier… and restoring the world to normal… it’s a wild, crazy journey
Now the story, despite my poor summary of the story is incredibly awesome, setting up it’s status quo in a couple of pages and then launching right into the story itself, which spans the equivalent of 5 comics, which leads to me being unsure to classify this as a graphic novel or a trade paperback, because I don’t think the story was released in 5 separate installments (I could be wrong on this as I’ve only seen the whole story being sold in its entirety in pdf digital format, plus soft cover and hard cover forms) 

The art work is very well done, with colors chosen to reflect the type of environment the world has become, so there are lot of dark shades, reds, browns, etc. Something also in this comics favor is that there isn’t any two-page spreads, but there are various splash pages, but they are used to maximum effect, to end a chapter or show something impressive. There are various covers shown between the five chapters of the story, but I think they would be called ‘pin-ups’ since that’s what images in the back of the book are called (despite looking like possible alternate covers in some cases)

Now where can you get this comic… well since it’s an independent comics, you have to go to and click where it says Buy Stuff, and you get get it as an pdf ebook, or in paperback of hard cover physical copies. 

I start my four part look at the entire run of 'i Zombie'!

Luke Cage: Lots of Strenghts, One Big Weakness

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...  
I watched four episodes of Luke Cage on Friday... and watched the remaining nine on Saturday, and here are my overall thoughts and opinions, regarding the show's various strengths and one major weakness the show has that could have ruined it... 

Additional Thoughts
  • I love the use of live music, with the Harlem Paradise serving as a central location, it added some great sizzle to the steak of the show
  • Method Man's cameo was awesome, almost makes up for Richard Roundtree not being brought in

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