Sunday, September 25, 2016

Robio & Robiette (Astro Boy Episode 14)

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We're talking anime, in particular I'm talking about another episode from the Astro Boy Greatest Astro Adventures DVD, which episode 14 of the 1982 series titled: Robio and Robiette.


Titans: Scissors, Paper, Stone

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Last year, Linkara reviewed 'Titans: Scissors, Paper, Stone' over at Atop The Fourth Wall... and needless to say he got me curious about the book, and after searching high and low...I eventually found a physical copy.

Or rather bought it from a co-worker for $1... I'm not kidding on that.

Now as you saw in my video review of this particular comic, I stated the artwork is awesome, as it has a serious manga influence on it, and it is well written... but it is confusing as hell as to what was the Adam Warren (the writer and artist) trying to say or comment on regarding the 'archetypes' of the Titans? Was he trying to say that the perceived concept of the 'Super Heroes always winning' is flawed, even though when this comic came out that perception went away in the 1970s? Was he commenting on the reoccurring theme of how a team of Super Heroes always has some sort of tragedy associated with a victory... even though that is only true in terms of major events?  What was he trying to get across?!

Seriously I would love to ask him these questions to get some answers, because I can follow the flow of the story, I get the plot of putting together a team to try and copy the formula of the Titans... but the reasoning I can't wrap my head around.

But as I also said, it is a comic worth checking out, and you get pick it up at my favorite online comic book shop, 

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