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Yay Or Nay For The WWE Hall Of Fame: Stars From The First Clash of the Champions

Script / Notes
Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement…
Welcome to Yay or Nay for the Hall of Fame

This Sunday is WWE Clash of Champions, which replaced Night of Champions as the night where all titles in the WWE were on the line… but with the brand split, it’s gonna be a RAW only show, and I’m waiting to see what matches get added to the show before making my predictions (probably either on Wednesday or Thursday)

Still, a thing that bothers me is that the WWE didn’t call it ‘Clash of the Champions’, which was the name of the of the NWA / WCW events that were TBS specials, either to build towards pay-per-views or even as direct comeptition to the WWE, such as the case with the first one in 1988 or March 27, 1988. And I figured it would tie in well

Now looking at the first Clash of the Champions… let’s see whose already in the WWE Hall of Fame.Jimmy Garvin is in, The Road Warriors, Dusty Rhodes, Paul Ellering, Barry Windham, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, JJ Dillion, Ric Flair and S…

Astro Boy Episode 01 (1982 Series) - AniMondays In The Basement

NOTE: Managed to find the actual episode on YouTube... and you can watch it here!

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To AniMondays In The Basement!

Yes, a new series, cause I enjoy doing this, and it's something people can follow along with, much like my Tales From The TARDIS series involving Doctor Who on Saturdays. Plus this keeps me from talking about Pro Wrestling too much by diverting my attention on something else I've enjoyed... Anime. Now I've only really talked about Anime briefly back in October of last year when talking about Hellsing, but I do have a nice little collection of stuff like Cowboy Bebop, Crest & Banner of the Stars, Devil Lady, Neon Genesis Evagelion, plus various anime movies and what not, so why do something with that?

And to kick things off... going to focus on Astro Boy first. Last week I got a bunch of DVD donated to me to be featured as content for my From The Vault series, and one of the DVDs was Astro Boy: Greatest Astro Adventures released fr…