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Sledge Hammer #2 - Comics From The Basement

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to Comics From The Basement…

Last week I went over Sledge Hammer #1, and it’s a great comic in my opinion….  However is issue  #2 as good as the first… or does it act like the comic book version of season 2 of the show, which while good, just isn’t as good as the first season.

Published in March of 1988, this comic is for all intents and purposes, the final Sledge Hammer story produced… and it’s certainly stranger

First there is the cover, where we have Spider-man coming through the window yelling your history Hammer, as Sledge shoves Captain Trunk’s head down onto his own desk while proclaiming ‘Look Out Captain, it’s another Nutty Network Programmer!” Now this is just me putting some thought to it, but if this cover was done in today’s era, it would be ‘Look out Captain, it’s another insane interfering Editor!” At the bottom, we got some other fun tags “Hey Is that really The Amazing Spider-Man or a cheap trick to make you buy this comic”…