Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saturday Night STF - Bord Disconnected

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement... 

So last Sunday / Monday, I figured the best thing to do with Star Trek Online, is to do the Special Task Force Missions, basically the group action... and so, why not slot it onto Saturday Night's.... so Saturday Night STFs...and the first 'episode' of it, is of Borg Disconnected.

So with this mission, I kind of have a different way of doing things... as I prefer to take a point by myself, because with some careful flying, I can get the enemies to fire on each other... so you can understand as to why I was a little less than thrilled than another player wandering on over to 'help'... and then I was REALLY less than thrilled when another player just upped and quit part way through. Maybe he got disconnected but still its a frustrating thing to see happen... the good these else, the remaining of us had enough power to nearly take down the three dreadnoughts with in 30 seconds of each other... just missed it by about 5 seconds.

A Bargain Of Necessity - Tales From The TARDIS

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement 

On this week's episode of Tales From The TARDIS, I am going over part 5 of The Reign of Terror, called 'A Bargain of Necessity'. Like with part 4 last week, I was viewing the Loose Cannon Productions version that was reconstructed with still photographs and the original audio, thus there are certain things I was unable to 'see'. Also of note, in the video version, I actually look up Paul Barras was, which is something that didn't occur to me to do when putting my notes together for the episode.


Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement…

Another Saturday is upon us, thus it’s time for Doctor Who: Tales From The TARDIS, and today we’re going over part 5 of The Reign of Terror with ‘A Bargain Of Necessity’.

Like with part 4, the version of this episode that I have was the one that was reconstructed by Loose Cannon Productions. This is an fairly quick moving episode, even without footage and just still images

This episode opens with Leon wanting to extract information from Ian since he was looking for James Stirling, so when Ian says he knows nothing, Leon doesn’t believe him

At the prison, LeMaitre is overhearing The Doctor’s conversation with Barbara and he gets the location of Jules’s safehouse, and afterward The Doctor convinces the jailer to let Barbara go, by implying she’s a major leader in the protection / escape business, so if she’s let go and followed, they could find all the other rebels… needless to say, the jailer unlocks the door, Barbara escapes and returns to Jules’ safe home but no one follows, per the Doctor’s plan

At the same time, Jules rushed back to report to Ian that Barbara and Susan were arrested at the physican’s office, but finds that Ian has already gone to the church to meet Leon. In a scene that I wish I could of seen and not just heard, Jules kills Leon and a soldier, rescuing Ian. The music was pretty wickedly awesome.

Back at the prison, The Doctor is trying to convince the jailer to let Susan go the same way he did Barbara, this time saying he will follow her… the jailer is reluctant because he has strict orders not to let Susan go cause he already lost one prisoner.

Lemaitre meets with Robespierre, who things his deputy Paul Barras is planning to conspire against him in an upcoming convention, asking Lemaitre to follow him outside the city to get more information. Robespierre is quite paranoid in his voice, but without seeing the body language there is not much to go on.

Ian and Jules return to the safe house where Barbara is, who tells them the Doctor has infiltrated the prison and arranged her escape, and that he’s trying to do the same with Susan, so all they have to do is wait. Ian rightfully wonders how the Doctor manages to do it time and time again… but the conversation turns a bit sour when Barbara learns that Jules killed Leon… and since she was infatuated with him to a degree, she is a bit disgusted that he was killed in cold blood, even though it was necessary.

Back at the prison, The Doctor has Susan hide behind the door to act like she escaped, because the entire cell isn’t visible from the cell door. Once the door is opened, The Doctor apparently attacks the jailer, tells her to run… but LeMaitre stops them. Susan is put back in her cell… and LeMatire and The Doctor have a chat.

Turns out LeMatire knows that Susan is the Doctor’s granddaughter, has his ring and clothes from the tailor and basically says that if the Doctor wants Susan freed, he has no choice but to take him to Jules’s safehouse.

The episode ends with Ian, Barbara and Jules waiting for the Doctor, who when he arrives with LeMaitre and not Susan, causes Jules to panic saying the Doctor betrayed them! And the episode ends with them standing around as the credits starts to role

Yeah not the best ‘cliff hanger’, but still this episode was all about setting up elements for the conclusion… with Barbara, Ian and The Doctor all together, but now the question is getting Susan free so they can all go ‘home’ or rather to the TARDIS. The lost of the original footage, meant that we were unable to see what happened with Jules’s rescuse of Ian, which is disappointing. But this episode does end with some actual footage, using part of the opening from the sixth episode for the cliff hanger. That was a common deal with Doctor Who, the last minutes and first minutes of consecutive episodes in a story were often the same to give people a reminder of where they left off at, and to start off the new episode with an exciting moment.

Anyway, that will do it for this week’s episode of Tales from The TARDIS, next we week we conclude the ture season 1 of Doctor Whom with Prisoners of Conciergrie

Till next time my friends, and you are my friends have a good one!

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