Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The RAW View - The Cruiserweight Classic Finales

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It was down to four... and then there was one... these are my thoughts, opinions, reactions and so forth to the Cruiserweight Classic Finales that aired on the WWE Network on September 14, 2016...

Note: Only did a vlog, as I took cryptic notes though out the show but nothing worth adding.

Quick match results.
Gran Metalik defeated Zack Sabre Jr in a semi-final match
TJ Perkins defeated Kota Ibushi in a semi-final match
Johnny Gargano and Tommanso Ciampa defeated Cedric Alexander & Noam Dar
TJ Perkins defeated Gran Metalik in the Cruiserweight Classic Finales to win the tournament

From The Vault - Bret 'Hitman' Hart's Autobiography & DVD Set

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On this week's edition of 'From The Vault', it's Bret Hart focused as I give you my recommendations to track down his autobiography 'Hitman: My Real Life In The Cartoon World of Pro Wrestling' and the 'Bret Hart: The Best There Is, The Best There Was, The Best There Ever Will Be' DVD Set

(Yeah I didn't stick to closely to my own notes and script here...)

We are going into the Vault… and pulling an actual book off of my bookshelves… with Bret Hart autobiography ‘Hutman: My Real Iife In the Cartoon World of Wrestling’

Published by Grand Central Publishing in depending on where you look October 2007 or October 2008 (which is what is indicated in the book itself)… this is one of the best, if not the best wrestling books released when the genre of caught fire in 1999 thanks to Mick Foley’s Have A Nice Day.

Those familiar with Bret Hart’s career knows the heartbreak and triumph, the highs and lows from the on-screen perspective, but to go through this book and get an even deeper insight on things that happen in his career towards his 2006 Hall of Fame Induction, as well as getting a great idea of what things were like in Hart House, with his dozen of siblings, the wrestlers that came in and out of the Calgary territory and all the craziness that can only me associated with the world of Pro Wrestling and of course the personal tragedies like the death of Owen Hart and his stroke.

At 548 pages it’s a long book, but at the same time it’s a pretty quick read. There is a general tone to the book which kind of feeds into the ‘Bret Hart is a cranky old man’ that is more common today when he speaks truthfully about how dangerous guys like Seth Rollins are, while his tune has certainly changed on some topics over the years (at the time of this book came out the dislike he had for Shawn Michaels was still at a high level, while they have since patched things up), but at the same time with how he tells his story, Bret just puts it all out there without pulling any punches. So this is certainly a great pick up

Of course , it should be pointed out that there is a number of great Bret Hart DVD sets put out by the WWE, but the one that I would recommend getting with the book, is the ‘Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart – The Best There Is, Best There Was, The Best There Ever Will Be, that was released a year (or two years) prior to the release of his autobiography.

Most fans know that originally it was supposed to be called ‘Screwed: The Bret Hart Story’ and was going to be Vince McMahon character assassination piece on the Hitman much like the Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior was on Jim Hellwig, basically a smear campaign for anyone that ‘didn’t get on board’ with whatever the WWE wanted to do. Once Bret got involved it turned into basically the video version of his life story, with more on a focus on his in-ring exploits. If you read the book first, the documentary doesn’t add much, but if you watch the documentary first, the book fills in a lot of gaps/

Of course it’s 3-Disc DVD set, and features several great matches that shows just how good he was as performer at various stages of his WWE career, plus one match from his time in WCW.

So all together, Bret’s Autobiography and the DVD Set released by the WWE in 2005 makes for a great way to get to know one of pro-wrestling’s greatest performers.

Now as of this writing: you can get the book on Amazon via Kindle, or you can try there secondary seller’s market, used copies are pretty low in price, but brand new copies start at $19.99. 

Amazon does sell the DVD, having at a listed prices of $5.97, which is quite a bargain in and of itself.

Also the action figure in the title card / intro… that is from an internet exclusive set that also included Jeff Hardy, kind of like Intercontinental Champion vs Intercontinental Champion… I have the Jeff figure around here somewhere…

And with that said, that will wrap up this week’s edition of From The Vault, so till next time my friend,s and you are my friends have a good one.


Commentary - Big Brother Has Always Been Watching

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Inspired by a column over at, I talk about, in my own unique way, the issue of surveillance in America... from the point of view of something who has known that Big Brother has always been watching.

The Column that inspired this video log:  
How Cops Have Turned Baltimore into a Surveillance State

11/14/2019 Star Trek Online

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