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Sledge Hammer #1 - Comics From The Basement


Last month I did a retrospective on the series Sledge Hammer… and with the 30th Anniversary of the show coming up, I announced that I will be looking at the two comics published by Marvel… which brings us to today, with Sledge Hammer #1, published in February 1988, around the same time the show aired it’s final episode…. And I love the tag line on the cover, 1st Collector’s Item Issue Based on the TV Show That Refuses To Die! That is so awesome, in fact it could be applied to Star Trek back in the 1960s.

Cover Instantly Gives Impression That This Would’ve Been Better If Released In October, As It’s very Much Of A Halloween Theme, With there being a Pumpkin at the top as part of the logo, and With Sledge, Doreau and “Satana” in the middle with a number of monsters approaching them, Sledge Has His trusty .44 Magnum Out while giving his catch phrase ‘Trust Me I Know What I’m Doing

The plot: Sledge and Doreau are assigned as police protection to the host of a Creephouse, Hor…