Friday, September 9, 2016

This Week: Benoit Film Gets Director, Comicron 1 Crashes and More!

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It's Friday, and I have a few topics to talk about in this week's vlog: including the Chris Benoit bio-flick getting a director, Comicron-1 crashes over on Atop The Fourth Wall, Eva Marie getting a role in a Nic Cage Movie, the casting of Deathstroke, and thoughts on the Ghost Rider 'found footage' clip.

Video Logs: A great way to build confidence

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Greetings and felicitations,

Those who come across this here on Linkedin who are familiar with my tendency to post 'video logs' , or vlogs, may notice the different into I used here, because I wanted to point out the fairly obvious. If you have trouble speaking to an audience, video logs is a great way to help over come that.
Now I'll freely admit, I'm not the best speaker in the world, and even with proper preparation and having a make-shift teleprompter can't cover for my tendency to stutter or slur my words, but looking back over the past year, there have been some big differences when I look back at how I was doing things previously.

For one, I use to hide my eyes behind sunglasses, they say the eyes are the windows to the soul and the nervousness that comes with being in front of a camera, even a dinky little web cam, certainly will show. But over time I've gotten more comfortable speaking to the camera, where for the most part I can look the camera dead center, and with that I feel more secure in expressing my opinions and even allowing my self to have a more 'free form' approach within the outline of whatever I am choosing to produce on any given day.

Which leads to something is is kind of relevant in this day and age, with how thin skinned, two faced actors can't face criticism, making video logs puts has a risk factor of dealing with 'trolls' on the internet. Yes they exist, but one can choose to either be afraid of them, like certain stars of franchise killing feature film, or you can treat them as part of your audience, which adds to ones confidence. By accepting all portions of your audience, you now get the courage to try and do more.

You're probably thinking 'that's all fine but where does this apply to other areas', and that of course depends on your career. Since I'm in market research as one of the many who have to place calls to get a survey done, I know I'm more confident with asking for who I need to speak with and creative in trying to pitch to them it is a good idea to take the time to do a survey... even if said survey may not appeal to their political views.

Of course, these are just my opinions on this little subject.

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