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The Last Battle of Atlanta - Tommy Rich vs Buzz Sawyer

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Since I just watched it on the WWE Network, I wanted to give my thoughts regarding the lost 'gem' that was The Last Battle of Atlanta, a match between Tommy Rich and Buzz Sawyer that was held in a totally enclosed steel cage thanks to there being a roof being placed on top of the cage, to make sure neither man could escape... and it is the match that Shawn Michaels said helped inspired the 'Hell in a Cell' match in the WWE.... said match however was nothing like the match between Rich and Sawyer, as he and Undertaker both left the cage and there was quite a bit of outside interference....the total opposite of the idea... but I digress.

Now I'm not too familiar with Georgia Championship Wrestling, the promotion / territory, where the match took place, nor am I all that familiar with Tommy Rich or Buzz Sawyer at this point in their careers. I do know of their reputation, that Rich was someone who had incredible popularity for a good portion of time before his career went off the rails as the 80s progressed, while Sawyer would be in Mid-South later in his career, but that's about it. I don't know the history of the feud, what started it, etc. In fact I'm hoping the WWE starts uploading some of the studio shows from Georgia Championship Wrestling to help add some context to the proceedings.

So I was watching the match 'cold', one thing of note is that Paul Ellering, who is Sawyer's manager is suspended above the ring in a smaller cage, apparently there is a stipulation that if Rich won, then Ole Anderson would get his hands on Ellering. At least that's how I understood it watching the match....cause that's the only way it makes sense.

The match itself is basically a straight fight, very much that of two guys who totally hate each other wanting to rip one another to shreds... and that's pretty much all it is, it's totally a fine blow off match ,what makes this match 'great' is the crowd, who want to see these two end their personal war once and for all. They are there to see the match, not to be apart of it or hijack it (unlike modern crowds).

Now I would argue, the stuff afterward with Ole Anderson and Paul Ellering had the crowd more fired up, and my reason for thinking that is that Ellering was a heel manager, and the audience who was familiar with his antics would want to see him get his ass handed to him by Ole who has been a mainstay in the territory for a solid decade by this point. So I was able to wrap my head around that a lot easier, because it's a familiar story seen with villain managers.

But the real question obvious, is 'The Last Battle Of Atlanta' worth watching, is it the 'lost gem', the 'holy grail', every one thinks it kind of, it certainly is a nice time capsule of that period in wrestling, but without the context and seeing the build up to the match, it's just two enclosed cage matches. It's fine for what it is, but without the context of the story, I didn't get as much out of it as those who are more familiar with the Rich-Sawyer feud.

The RAW View - Backlash Predictions plus thoughts on Sami Zayn, The Del Rio-Paige situation & More

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WWE Backlash is this Sunday and as of today, September 7th, there are only a handful of announced matches, but still I give my predictions and thoughts on each announced bout.

Plus... inspired by a comment I saw over on the freaking awesome network message board, I dive into the top of 'Is Sami Zayn a chode', the WWE not learning the right lesson from a year ago as it relates to Paige & Del Rio's relationship, and conclude with speculation on if AJ Lee wanted to resume her wrestling career with the WWE, would CM Punk kick her to the curb the way he did his best friend Colt Cabana?

Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday Missions Links

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So over the past few days, I went through all the 23rd Century Missions For Star Trek Online, and instead of posting them separately on various forums, this little post contains the links to each entry...

Tangled Webs At The Battle Of Caleb IV - Lets Play Star Trek Online

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I botched my initial recording of Tangled Webs, so I just recorded the second take with The Battle Of Caleb IV, presenting an hour long episode to wrap up this look of the 23rd Century Missions of Star Trek Online.

The first Mission, Tangled Webs, basically sees the Tholians being attacked by the Na'Kuhl in the past, so we're off to save them with the help of the USS Defiant... wait... Tholians... the Defiant... that's right, this mission is a prequel to the Original Series episode 'The Tholian Web'. We get some help from the Defiant fighting off two waves of Na'Kuhl ships before beaming over to the Tholian Flagship to save the Tholian Queen. Tholians kind of breed like ants, so if the queen is killed, millions of lives will not exist... and we get our first look of inside of a Tholian vessel... and looks like they don't change designs over the next 100 years. Save the queen and she's a bit pissed, can't blame her...and we learn something about the Tholians: all humanoids look alike to them. Still she realizes that some came to her aid, so we're task of fighting off the 3 waves Na'Kuhl ships... and the Defiant, gets disabled during the first wave. So it's really a bit of a dragged out fight.... that results in the Tholian Queen telling her people the Federation came to her aid... and her ramming her ship into the Na"Kuhl dreadnaught.... and the Defiant gets caught in the blast, leading it to start phasing over to the Mirror Universe... setting up events for 'The Tholian Web', plus the Enterprise episode 'Through A Mirror Darkly..."

This mission is again, very basic and it it makes great use of the Star Trek mythos. We get the environmental suits that will come in handy for future missions that take place in hostile enviroments.

The second mission is 'The Battle of Caleb IV'... the Klingons have a fleet in the Caleb sector, and Admiral Garrett has brought together a fleet, which includes us. Engage the Klingons... but it turns out it's a trap... Daniels detects temporal activity, and Kor is getting help from the Na'Kuhl... and we see the Envoy is involved here as well. The goal is simple, board a Klingon ship sabotage the tractor beam to free your ship so you can then free the other vessels... but there is a problem, your warp drive is off line.... you can free the other ships, but you're basically left to fend for yourself, giving the Klingons hell until you are killed... and warped to the future.

Again very basic, and seemingly a very random mission to take place... until one looks up that the battle of Caleb IV, is mentioned in the Star Trek Deep Space Nine Episode 'Once More Into The Breach', with Kor referencing this battle. And speaking of Kor... he considers the player's captain a poor substitute for Captain James T. Kirk. Well that was mean of him. Of course this mission does feature a great cut scene, seeing your captain on the bridge, giving orders and a cut to the view screen showing that you're chasing a Klingon vessel... it's just really cool, and something we don't really see at any other point in the game.

Anyway, as I said, your character is killed, but you and your crew are now Temporal Agents, and all the time travel aspects that we saw when playing as Sobar now makes more sense. We get brought up to speed and are dumped on Earth Space Dock in the 25th Century, where we get a new starship... and prepare to start a new life...

Now this is there I kind of have a minor problem on 'when' you get dropped into the 25th Century, it places the player at the start of Federation War with the Klingons arc... and we don't see the Na'Kuhl again until a time travel missions at various points down the road. But we won't be going through all those missions... maybe a random one here and there mixed with videos of other stuff from Star Trek Online.

11/13/2019 Grandia Highlights

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