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The Taurean Affair - Lets Play Star Trek Online

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With the on-going story arc involving Sobar and crew wrapped up for now, I'm finally going to  go over mission by mission for the 'Original Series' faction exclusive missions... which is only a handful of missions before it leaps from the 23rd Century to the 25th Century... but we'll get to that in time.

So... right off the bat, we have to create a new character... I elected to go with an Andorian Female Science Officer named Tahla... because you've just seen me spend months playing as an Engineering Officer... and I have more Starfleet Vessel options for later in the game as a Science Officer than I do as a Tactical Officer.

The first mission, The Taurean Affair acts as a follow up to the original series episode, The Galileo Seven, Tahla is the first officer on a Pioneer-Class ship  under the command of Captain Issac Garret. A ship has crashed on the planet of Tarsus IV, and we are there to rescue the survivors.Along …

Star Trek The Next Generation #37 - Comics From The Basement

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Back at the end of May, I went over Star Trek The Next Generation #36, which was part 1 of a 3 part story which featured the character Ardra from the episode ‘Devil’s Due’. Now sure she didn’t show up until the end of that issue...despite being on the cover, but comics can be weird like that. But let's get to this week's comic before I get myself off track

Anyway issue #37 has a great cover, showing Picard, Troi, LaForge, Roand Ardra in a jail cell… and not dressed like how they are in the story… and that does irk me a little, still I do like how it looks like it gives the reader the impression they are looking into the cell with LaForge and Ro looking out

Also of note, page one… and yeah, Marta DuBois was quite… impressive on the show in her physical presence… but… damn, I just can’t help but think that Ro and LaForge are thinking the exact same thing here.

The story here, is that Ardra came to Shanizbar to try and marr…

Why I Am Against Intergender Wrestling Matches

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In this video log, I explain why I am against intergender wrestling matches, it's pretty obvious if you think about it: violence against women is wrong, and there is a numerous booking problems associated with it. 

I was shooting from the hip with this video, so no formal blog posting.