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A Change Of Identity - Doctor Who Tales From The TARDIS

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...

This is of course Tales From The TARDIS... this week I'm going over part three of The Reign of Terror, which is called 'A Change of Identity', which you can watch above. One thing you might notice is that the title card for the video does not match that for this blog post... well that's because I made three different ones, cause I had the opportunity to use colored images from this episode of Doctor Who to make the three different title cards. The other two are down below... and since I couldn't pick which one to use, all three end up in the episode's intro.

Also included, as always, are the notes I took during the episode as well as any points I wanted to make in the video, so you have an idea of what points of interests there are in each scene.

The episode opens with the last few moments of part two, with Susan and Barbara being escorted to Madam Guillotine while Ian watches helplessly…