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A Change Of Identity - Doctor Who Tales From The TARDIS

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This is of course Tales From The TARDIS... this week I'm going over part three of The Reign of Terror, which is called 'A Change of Identity', which you can watch above. One thing you might notice is that the title card for the video does not match that for this blog post... well that's because I made three different ones, cause I had the opportunity to use colored images from this episode of Doctor Who to make the three different title cards. The other two are down below... and since I couldn't pick which one to use, all three end up in the episode's intro.

Also included, as always, are the notes I took during the episode as well as any points I wanted to make in the video, so you have an idea of what points of interests there are in each scene.


The episode opens with the last few moments of part two, with Susan and Barbara being escorted to Madam Guillotine while Ian watches helplessly from his cell’s ‘window’

We then see the Doctor arriving in Paris, before we cut to see two guys, Jules and Jean waiting to make a rescue, of whom and for what, it’s not said yet, but they seem quite determined

 We see the jailer serving food to the inmates before being called away from Lemaitre, and he ends up leaving his keys in the lock. Oddly enough, Lemaitre is causing a distraction as Ian finds the keys, removes the key to his cell from it and places them back in the lock…and the Jailer doesn’t notice the missing key after satisfying LeMaitre

Meanwhile, Susan and Barbara are on a cart heading to the guillotine. When the horse throws a shoe, Barbara figures they can escape, but Susan is in no condition to make an escape, leading Barbara to be resigned their their fate. Jules and Jean hijack it, killing the guards and takes the girls and another prisoner to their safe house… talk about good fortune. Also I love the music that was played in this little action scene, it’s really well done.

We see The Doctor wandering the streets of Paris and comes across a tailor’s shop, which is right near the Concierge Prison . He gives the shop-keep his clothes and his ring in exchange for clothes of a Regional Officer of a Provinces. This is a great little scene to see the Doctor barter for a new set of clothes

At the safe house, we see Barbara and Susan are told that will be given good and a place to rest, and that they will be smuggled out of France as apart of the escape change, but there is a problem, they can’t leave without The Doctor and Ian.

Back in the prison, Ian takes an opportunity to escape when the jailor is drunk (not really a shock), but he is being watched by Lemaitre, who planned this entire deal to see if Webster told Ian anything about James Stirling before he died… quite clever really.

After a good meal and rest, Susan and Barbara tell Jules and Jean how they got arrested at the farm house that was burnt down, which concerns them as they ask about two men they helped escaped, D’Argenson and Rouvray from the first chapter. Of course they were killed, and the farm house was a point along the escape chain. Jean and Jules think they have a traitor in their midst giving away locations of the safe houses because this was not the first time this occurred. Jules says he’ll send someone out to search for The Doctor at the Farm House and gives his word that they are reunited with The Doctor and Ian. Jules is a really damn cool guy, he’s putting his life on the line, rescuing people and trying to get them out of France, knowing that good men can’t stand by and do nothing when evil is afoot….

As Barbara and Danielle (Jules sister) helps an ill-tired Susan off to bed, another man arrives, Leon Colbert arrives with a message, saying there is a man in town looking for Jules, that he’s being watched and near the prison… and Barbara returns, he starts to flirt with her…. And she certainly seemed smitten with him. As Jules and Jean head out, Leon even drops the ‘I’ll take good care of her line’… a bit hokey, but hey they are French!

Back at the prison, The Doctor in his disguise of a Regional officer (and the hat just looks silly, otherwise it’s a fine outfit), forces his way in to speak to the jailer where he learns that Ian, Barbara and Susan are gone, that the girls were rescued and Ian escaped… and he embellishes a bit on how he did so, saying he nearly died trying to stop Ian … and he wants to know what has happened to them. When he’s about to leave, LeMaitre arrives and insists the Doctor comes with him to visit First Deputy Robespierre to answer some questions regarding his province cause they are going to go over the execution lists… so it’s off to see the Tyrant…

Back with Barbara and Leon, they are getting along pretty well, she goes to check on Susan. Leaning that Barbara is from England, when Leon is alone, the camera holds on him in a suspicious manner

Back at the prison, the tailor-shop keep is speaking to the jailer, saying he has evidence of a traitor and shows him the Doctor’s ring and the episode ends with a close up on the ring in his hand, which lingers on the screen during the credits.

Verdict: This is a really good episode, as it gets The Doctor into Paris, Ian escapes (but we don’t see what he does afterward in this episode), Susan and Barbara are rescued and are with some of those opposing the madness that has been put in place by Robespierre… Jules, Jean and Leon are clearly instantly likeable character, but the shot of Leon by himself before the end of the episode indicates that he isn’t as good as guy as it seems. I did like LeMaitre’s plan of letting Ian escape to learn the truth, and his happening to come across The Doctor, and knowingly or not, putting him in a position where he had no choice but to come with him shows that LeMaitre is an even bigger threat that one thinks.

Also with this being the half way point of the story, the pacing has been great so far, but we’ll see how things go in the coming weeks.

Next week of course, we’ll be going over part four, with The Tyrant Of France

Till then my friends and you are my friends, have a good one!

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