Friday, September 2, 2016

This Week: Stargirl, Disney Closing Avengers Alliance, Follow Up From Jim Cornette and More

The order of which I talk about this weeks subjects is slightly different in my 'script' as you'll see below

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement…  Happy Labor Day Weekend everybody… let’s go over THIS WEEK… with the Superheroes…

First up a follow up, since the legendary Jim Cornette has the ‘Ask Jim’ page on his website,, I asked him if he would have gone to the WWF in 1983 if Jerry Lawler was the one who got the Hulk Hogan spot because of the opportunities it would have presented to guys in the Tennessee territory…. Jim’s response to me was the following:

“I may have GONE in 1983, but I doubt they'd have WANTED me as I was green & the shits. I sure wouldn't have learned the business in WWF like I did working for Watts & Dusty!”

I want to thank Mr. Cornette for taking the time to reply to my little question, which actually opens a lot of ‘What Ifs...’ as it relates to how things in pro wrestling could have been very different.

Marvel killed off The original Electro Max Dillon and a character called The Prowler in Amazing Spider-Man 17…  bumping off the original Electro is a bit interesting, as now Marvel can use the name with a new villain… which they basically do with the character of Francine, who killed both characters… and since this story also involves the Jackal, it means clones are involved as well…. And oh no… another clone saga… RUN FOR THE HILLS!

I kid of course… anyway, this week Disney announced that they will be shutting down the Marvel Avengers Alliance game, which has been a staple on Facebook for over four years. Now when it first launched I played it a lot, but the novelty kind of wore off because it was more of a grindfest than it needed to be… plus I ended up getting a Smart Phone and it had Marvel Future Fight, which was basically a superior version of Avengers Alliance in every way possible. So I’m not too upset about the Facebook game being shut down… plus it was getting pretty long in the tooth. I know a lot of folks are upset that it’s closing down, but that is the nature of online games.

The WWE sent out an NXT Survey and it… was asking how would I rate three people who really haven’t made much of an impact if at all on NXT… I’m betting the feedback they’ll receive is gone be ‘average’ to very negative.

Getting serious for a moment over on the American Prospect there was a great article regarding the crisis facing Afrocentric Schools.. and one thing that struck a cord with me was how it parallels the issues facing the Hasidic Yeshivas up in New York.. where because the focus on the education isn’t the same as in public schools… the test scores are quite low and the preparation for the every day world is always called into question and there are always issues of budgets and funding from the School Boards because these institutions are private. Now I went to a Catholic school as a kid for 7th and part of 8th grade… when got thrown out so hard that I bounced when I hit the pavement… but when I went back to a public school, one thing I noticed that while I was quite ahead on some subjects (History, English), I was behind on others (Math, Science)  which lead to some awkward moments, not to mention that grading standards were quite different as well… and so since then I’ve kind of had this perspective… if you’re a private / character educational institution… and if you aren’t able to stay above of the public school standard, then what are parents spending their money on?

A new trailer revealed that Stargirl will be apart of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, further making me think that on the CW-Verse, we’re going to fully see the Justice Society of America in some big way. In fact that will be awesome way to separate the shows from the DC movies which has the Justice League. Which reminds me I have to get around to reviewing a JSA comic at some point. Maybe that one where Batman accuses them of being traitors from beyond the grave!

Over at Atop The Fourth Wall, Linkara has gotten some heat for lingering on The Clone of Thor killing Goliath during the even comic Civil War… and I can understand why considering the climate of things these days, but hey it’s not like it’s the first time someone has pointed out how odd something is in retrospect. Now the part that amuses me is this: his 15 things wrong with Marvel’s Civil War comic… was uploaded on his way way back on July 4th, and only now people are having a problem with him having an issue with that aspect the story since its now un-hidden for the general audiences to watch it on YouTube. The delayed ‘anger’ and ‘over reaction’ some people have to such things is just hilarious, granted I deal with it pretty regularly in regards to some of my earlier videos, but it’s always good for a laugh.

And on that note, lets close up shop… enjoy the weekend everybody!

Lets Play & Review: My Little Pony RPG: The Elements of Harmony

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...

As you may or may not know, I am a brony... I will let that obvious shock sink in considering the mascot of the Basement is a Cybernetic Pegasus inspired by Vinyl Scratch / DJ-Pon ...

Anyway, last week I came across My Little Pony RPG: The Elements Of Harmony, a fan game created using RPG Maker XV by NurseDashie (The game is avaliable for free over at )

Needless to say when I saw it, I was intrigued and wanted to check it out, and it is your basic RPG, in particular a parody of Final Fantasy I, which I think was a dead give away considering the AWESOME Final Fantasy styled logo which, if I read the screen right, was made by sailormuffin (,

The controls is pretty basic, you have the option of using a keyboard, or a game pad, and if you played an RPG before, it's basically the same controls. On the keyboard, direction keys to move, and use of the left-shift, Z and X keys, but since I play using a gamepad, in particular Logitech F310 Gamepad, the controls were like this: left analog stick to move, X to interact/confirm, B to bring up the menu screens / cancel, and A to sprint / use scroll options.

Game play is typical RPG format, though with a big change, in stead of going through the course of game getting party members, you get the Mane 6 (Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Fluttershy) right off the bat... well after doing a few mini quests. Don't worry they aren't anything difficult, just kind of typical to help those unfamiliar with My Little Pony get familiar with their personalities straight away. Each pony has their own strengths and weaknesses, for example Rarity is your healer, and loses HP easily in combat, Fluttershy gives enemies the bird... by calling in birds to help attack, while Applejack, thanks to serious apple bucking, can back a whallop to the enemies.

Speaking of the combat system, it is your standard turn base style, you select the commands for your party to attack, defend, use items, etc.... and let me say it's quite awesome to see Fluttershy laying in incredibly high critical hits.

Graphic wise: the MLP sprites look awesome, and the game looks like it would be perfect in that late NES / SNES era of games... the enemies, eh, are basic in design but fit the game nicely... though it's odd to see the Mane 6 battle humanoid skeletons. There are some nice screen effects for attacks.

In regards to the music, there are some great 8-bit renditions of songs from the show itself (At the Gala, Cupcakes), and the sound effects are totally serviceable.

The writing of the in-game dialog is easy a strong point, as when you read it, it perfectly matches the characters speaking patterns from the show (and exposes my horrible voice when reading it out loud... because with how I talk 'Apple Bucking' sounds like something else entirely lol)

Like with most RPGs, grinding and leveling up is the key to try and stay ahead of or at the same level as your enemies... but in this game, that's quite useful, as you can get some weapons, armor, magic and supplies just by walking around outside of town thanks to the enemies dropping the bits games currency. By the time you level up the ponies to level 5 you could easily have them outfitted with the best possible gear you can get in Ponyville, which makes facing the first major boss, the great and powerful Trixie pretty easy... and thanks to being able to save anywhere at any time outside of combat, if you lose you can easily realize what went wrong and change your approach.

The only real negatives of the game are basically the ones I often associate with RPGs in general, particularly some of the early Final Fantasy games in that you sometimes don't get an idea of where the hell you should go. Granted in the game play video I knew where to go to deal with Trixie, but the first time through I was just wandering around aimlessly, knowing that the Ponyville Jewel was stolen, but really had no clue where to go because there were in-game hints.

Still the positives out way the negatives by a wide margin here, and I know that NurseDashie is working on a sequel to this game.

But if you want to check it out for yourself, as I stated earlier you can get the game at

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