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Yay Or Nay For The Hall Of Fame - Stars From Backlash 1999

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The WWE is bringing back Backlash PPV, so this week I'm looking at the cases of Test, Albert, Ivory, Val Venis, D'Lo Brown and Hardcore Holly for the WWE Hall of Fame, cause they are all border line cases.

Here are some brief details on each of them
Test WWF Intercontinental Champion WWF European Champion WWF Hardcore Champion (twice) WWF World Tag Team Champion WCW Tag Team Champion
Albert  WWF Intercontinental Champion IWGP Tag Team Champion (twice) G1 Tag League Tournament Winner (twice) New Japan Cup Winner  GHC Tag Team Champion
Val Venis WWF European Champion WWF Intercontinental Champion (twice) WWE World Tag Team Champion
D'Lo Brown WWF European Champion (4 Times) WWF Intercontinental Champion 
Ivory WWF Women's Champion (3 times) GLOW Champion GLOW Tag Team Champion POWW Champion
Hardcore Holly NWA World Tag Team Champion WWF Hardcore Champion (6 times) WWF/E World Tag Team Champion (3 times)

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