Monday, August 29, 2016

Thoughts On Gene Wilder

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...

So we're back again, with another remembrance piece, this time for the great Gene Wilder, who passed away today. No real blog or script notes, as I had a couple of things jotted down on my screen for me to touch on, but basically, Wilder was one of the very few actors who could give a performance where the characters he played walked a fine line between being normal and being nuts (this really shows in Willy Wonka & Young Frankenstein) and that when he stepped away from actor, he pretty much stayed away, cause the last thing I remember seeing him doing was an episode of Will & Grace.

Monday scribbles

Ragnarok and Roll - Lets Play Star Trek Online

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...

We have one more mission to close our Admiral Sobar's story (until the game developers add more missions), so let's play Star Trek Online and deal with that old time Ragnarok and Roll!

Before we get into the mission, let me state that going through all these missions week after week has been a blast, particular once I started the blog to go over thoughts on each mission. Since we are at the end of Sobar's missions, next week I'll be rolling a new 23rd Century character to go do a series based around the missions that actually explain the temporal cold war and everything we've been through in greater detail. But that's next week.

As you may remember, Daniels is now dead.... the Temporal Fleet has arrived, but the Noye and his allies are pressing their advantage at Procyon V... our only hope is the Tox Uthat... and the only ship that can power it... is the Enterprise.... NCC-1701-J...

Now remember what I said last week that Temporal Reckoning was basically a warm up for this mission... I'm not kidding, cause right off the bat you are fighting off waves of enemies just to REACH the future Federation Flagship... it's a slug fest from the word go. The good news is you have a few ships helping you out... but it is a struggle for a poorly equipped ship to get through. Once you reach the Enterprise you beam down and team with not only Chekov... but Scotty as well...

Wait how are they there? Well that's why I'm going to do the 23rd Century missions next week... they explain and have certain details that explain these things...

Anyway, you're on the Enterprise-J... and like when Jonathan Archer visited her in the Enterprise episode 'Azati Prime' we basically just see a corridor and head to engineering to hook up the Tox Uthat... but it's not that simple, no... Leeta and the Terran Empire are there to stop you, and there's a fun shoot out you get to play, serving as basically a 'boss battle' cause Leeta takes quite a lot of damage. Then it's back into space for a long drawn out space battle, to give Chekov and Scotty time to finishing hooking up the Tox Uthat... and of course you will succeed... your ship may be blown up once or twice, but you will get through it. 

The day is saved, the expanse and sphere builders are sent packing... but we're not done... it's time to hunt down Noye... and with a fleet of ships with you, The Annorax doesn't stand a chance, you beam over... deal with his loyal troops and confront him... and like Leeta, Noye is basically a boss battle, and he takes even more damage that she does, not to mention, you fight him in stages, periodically, he will summon guards to defend him. Once he's defeated and in custody... we get a lovely wrap up... turns out Daniels is alive... thanks to Noye being stopped

But unlike with the Iconians... there is no celebrations or parades, just a job well done, because everything has to be kept a secret.

This mission basically is all action.... there is no ever dialog, or a crisis of conscience like with the end of the Iconian war... the objectives are very straight forward. It's not my favorite 'final chapter' of a Star Trek Online story arc, but it gets the job done and leaves the door open for more battles.

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