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Thoughts on Mr. Fuji - The RAW VIEW

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The late great Mr. Fuji passed away, and while I did not see him as a wrestler, I grew up seeing him as a manager in the 80s and 90s.... and in this quick vlog, I give my thoughts on why he isn't the worst manager of all time... particularly since he was living up to his nickname of being 'The Devious One' 


Super Sketch Painter #2 - Comics From The Basement

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Four months ago, I did a double review, reviewing Why So Ratchet and Super Sketch Painter #1, published by On Q Comics and brother Samad and Suliman Onque. And of course in the four months since that review, as I’m certainly more comfortable now speaking to the camera as I was back at the end of April… so I figured, enough time has past, and it’s time to go over Super Sketch Painter #2.

For those who may not know, Super Sketch Painter, is the story of a young artist named Khalil Jenkins who after reading his favorite comic book hero killed off, is motivated to create his own comic book hero that wouldn’t suffer the fate of the dreaded editorial mandate… he is then drawn into the world and realizes he has powers… and good thing too, because he is going face to face with War-Cat!

Issue #2 kicks off with Khalil in War-Cat’s clutches as he is being down towards the ground at a terminal velocity, a mysterious presence tells Khalil to pull up via his ability… and he avoids disaster, and disables his vile opponent in mid air… and in a bit of odd behavior, we see that Khalil was more than willing to let War-Cat go splat until he’s forced to save him… once the battle is over, the villian is transformed back into comic book pages… and we get to learn about Khalil’s powers and what is happening to him. His passion and art brought forth his ancenstral guides and the world needs a hero, he is the ‘The Artistic Creator and Comic Book World Protector’… he is here to save the world and a close friend...Talburt Willis, a postal worker who devlivered Khalil his first ever copu of ‘Hero Man’ 7 years prior, who is now trapped inside of a fortress… knowing his goals, Khalil returns to the ‘real world’ where he is ambushed by a new fiend… an evil mail box named… MAIL FRAUD… ending this comic on an en epic cliff hanger.

This comic is awesome… we get the conclusion to Khalil’s battle with War-Cat, and learn why he has his powers and what they are far, not to mention seeing the tie in to Khalil’s past with Talburt, who he considers a personal friend and for all intents and purposes, helped start him on the path to become the Super Sketch Painter. The only slight negative here is that we saw that Khalil was more than arrogant to let War-Cat plummet to his death only to be TOLD to save him by his Ancestral Guides, showing Khalil isn’t without some character flaws, still that stood out.

The artwork is just gorgeous, bright and colorful, which makes it easy on the eyes, it’s a great contrast to some of other other items I’ve been reading lately from larger publishers who tend to things in a very much dark and depressing style of presentation.

The verdict here, go get this and issue #1 of Super Sketch Painter… why you’re at it, also get Why So Ratchet as well… because unlike a lot of the other comics I’ve talked about here in the Basement, you can really only get them at one place…, and click where it says On Q Comics.

Now I have to wait until Super Sketch Painter #3 comes out… which I hope comes out around April 8, 2017… why? Because that’s the date for the next Camden Comic Con! That’s where I met the Onque Brothers, was introduced to the character of Super Sketch Painter, so it would be perfect if issue #3 is out in time to make it great tie-in!

In the mean time, here in the Basement, next week, it’s back to Star Trek The Next Generation with part two of the Ardra and Shanzibar trilogy!

Till then my friends, and you are my friends, have good one!

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