Friday, August 26, 2016

This Week... Followups, Chooch, Brock Lesnar & More!

(Below is my script and notes for this weeks episode on the topics I wanted to touch on)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement…  

It’s Friday! Lets Go Over This Week With The Superheroes…

Or actually, it’s more of FOLLOW-UP Friday, as I got some feedback and stuff to go over from recent and older videos that might as well get put together here

But first, at the time of this video, I’ve cracked 70 subscribers, and I’m very grateful to even have that many with how erratic the majority of the content on this pokey little YouTube channel is.

Something that was asked was why didn’t I include a clip from Elvis Aloha From Hawaii in the ‘From The Vault’ video this week, well, and I thought about it, but decided against it, cause I am not messing with Elvis Presley Enterprises… if a whack job like Tommy Wiseau can’t try screwing with a video of a him being interviewed, do I want those controlling Elvis’s image coming down on me?

Earlier this week I asked the question of What If Hulk Hogan Never Went To The WWE, who would’ve been the #1 face…. And a name that I totally forgot about was Paul Orndorff. As pointed out by Wonkey Ninja, who has a great channel you should check out. Now Mr. Wonderful certainly had size, charisma and certain was a hell of a performer who came across as a total badass so he could fill the role in a different way than many of others I mentioned. Some of the match ups that Hogan had could actually be improved upon, in particular King Kong Bundy in the steel cage.

Also to check out Wonkey Ninja's channel, click HERE

So this past week, there was a guy with a convoluted screen name, going on about how Batman was never for kids because ‘Batman murdered people’, here’s the thing, Most if not all of the mysterious heroic characters coming out of the Pulp Novel era and early comics killed people and thy were aimed at kids, cause they were the ones buying the comics… and Robin was introduced because kids weren’t that into Batman as those who worked on Detective comics would’ve liked. Can’t argue with the facts.

Carlos Ruiz of the Philadelphia Phillies has been traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers… and basically Los Angeles is where Phillies players go at the end of their career for one last try at greatness. That said, Ruiz being traded nearly closes the book on the run the Phillies had from 2007 to 2011 (Ryan Howard is still on the roster). Chooch was truly a corner-stone, the man who didn’t get all the glory because of guys like Rollins, Utley and Howard… but he was the man that without him, it’s arguable the Phillies make the 2008 playoffs, but I doubt they win the World Series that year. I fully expect Chooch to be up on the Phillies Wall of Fame within a few years once he retires.

Last night here in the Basement, I did a Lets Play video of Metal Slug, and over on my blog, I did the formal review of the game. And one of the thing I touched on was how arcade games have been getting re-released in the modern era… but with unlimited ‘quarters’, or continues. Which is great for online play, and just killing time. But at the same time, I have to wonder what games are going to get this to happen, and I think about a lot of Konami… The Simpsons, Aliens, Wild West COW BOYS of Moo Mesa and Bucky O’Hare all come to mind… and instantly realize the problem… and it’s the licensing rights, which was an issue with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtles in Time when that was re-released a few years ago…. If the publishers and developer were awarded the license, it means they could lose said license and these games sit unused. I’m really hoping at some point these games and others get a new lease on life.

I want to touch on this, because it shows just how pathetic the WWE is when it comes to Brock Lesnar, according the Wrestling Observer, the entire thing that went down to close out SummerSlam was indeed a work to try and raise question on what was ‘real’ and what wasn’t… however apparently Randy Orton was planning to have an ACTUAL MATCH! You know, to give the people what they PAID TO SEE… but no, it was thrown out to make Lesnar look strong, even though Lesnar hasn’t drawn a fucking dime in years for the WWE.. and on top of that, Orton was convinced that Brock would just graze him with an elbow to cut him open without hurting him. HOW THE FUCK IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?! Answer it IS NOT! So what we got was Lesnar going into business for himself, beating the holy hell out of Orton and him needed ten STAPLES to close the wound. And because of this stupidity, this lead to Chris Jericho apparently going up to Michael Hayes, the guy who came to Brock Lesnar’s defense after Dean Ambrose exposed him for being lazy, and Hayes blowing Jericho off when he wanted to know it was a work, that it was planned… and then a confrontation between Jericho and Lesnar…

And to think, this whole fucking mess couldn’t been avoid it if a) Lesnar was a lazy piece of garbage and b) if the WWE went with having a straight up match between the two, instead of the same boring crap we’ve gotten out of Lesnar, who I hope is not resigned the next time his contract comes up.

But if the WWE wants to blend reality and fiction, doing what happened on Talking Smack is the way to do it. With the Miz TELLING THE TRUTH About Daniel Bryan. For those who missed it, Bryan called The Miz a ‘coward’ with how he wrestles, a safe, WWE style, and then The Miz went to town pointed out rightfully that he has never been injured, and Daniel Bryan, because of his reckless approach to wrestling is now retired. But it got really good when Bryan said ‘they wouldn’t let him, which lead the Miz to rightfully ask ‘Why don’t you quit, if you love wrestling so much, why don’t you go back to the bingo halls.’

This also shines a light and raises questions about how Daniel Bryan as a person refuses to understand what happened to him with his commentary on the Cruiserweight Classic, loving guys throw caution to the wind like he did, and at the same time rapidly shortening their careers with blows to the head and taking chances in the ring that just wear down the body rapidly. So I have to ask what the fuck is wrong with Daniel Bryan… scratch that… Bryan Danielson, is his brain that screwed up to not realize what happened to him can and will end up happening to the guys he likes, there’s a reason why high risk spots were done few and far between… it’s because it shortens careers and lives.

And on that note… catch ya next time.

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