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This Week... Followups, Chooch, Brock Lesnar & More!

(Below is my script and notes for this weeks episode on the topics I wanted to touch on)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement…  

It’s Friday! Lets Go Over This Week With The Superheroes…

Or actually, it’s more of FOLLOW-UP Friday, as I got some feedback and stuff to go over from recent and older videos that might as well get put together here

But first, at the time of this video, I’ve cracked 70 subscribers, and I’m very grateful to even have that many with how erratic the majority of the content on this pokey little YouTube channel is.

Something that was asked was why didn’t I include a clip from Elvis Aloha From Hawaii in the ‘From The Vault’ video this week, well, and I thought about it, but decided against it, cause I am not messing with Elvis Presley Enterprises… if a whack job like Tommy Wiseau can’t try screwing with a video of a him being interviewed, do I want those controlling Elvis’s image coming down on me?

Earlier this week I asked the question of What If Hulk …

Today's sketch

Started off as Sakura then ended up in 80s territory lol