Wednesday, August 24, 2016

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So one is clearly star trek inspired and the other... well... for no reason the theme for sailor moon popped into my head lol

What If Hulk Hogan Didn't Return To The WWF At The End Of '83 - The RAW VIEW

Hello Dwellers And Welcome To The Basement

Not much of a blog, as in the video, I am more shooting off the top of my head in regards to a question that I've been thinking about upon hearing it on the 6:05 Super Podcast a while back, what if Hulk Hogan Doesn't Go Back To The WWF? Now obviously this is a huge what if question as it relates to the world of Pro Wrestling, but the angle I elected to approach this... who does Vince McMahon turn to or brings in to be the #1 face of the company as it heads into his dreams of expansion.

Some of the names I consider are The Junkyard Dog, Sgt Slaughter, Roddy Piper, The Von Erichs (Kevin, David and Kerry), Tony Atlas and Jerry The King Lawler...which one do I think would've been the best choice? Well, you'd actually have to watch the video for that (yes I'm being mean folks ha-ha!)

Note: I don't consider Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes, Dusty was I think booking Florida at the time and I don't think he would've considered losing that power position, and Flair had a comfort zone in the Mid-Atlantic / Crockett territory.

11/20/2019 Grandia Highlights

Well finally we hit the half way point of Grandia tonight, well the end of Disc One if this was the PS-One era, saying good bye to Sue and G...