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Fan Fiction Corner - Untitled Ghostbusters Screenplay by Me

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...

So, some know I do, a bit of fan fiction writing, and I stumbled upon a contest for a 'Bootleg Screenplay', and for the briefest moment in time, I thought about submitting something to it, before realizing I don't know how to write a screen play. So instead, I just figured I'd write down what popped into my head, for a Ghostbusters continuation... this, probably doesn't make a lick of damn sense... but it's just something I slapped together over the course of about 1/2 an hour. And yes I know this isn't 'good', but hey, what do you expect at 3 in the morning

Exterior – Coffee Shop

The city, New York City, bright summer day, the usual mix of city residents go about their business. Shot focuses on a coffee shot that has tables near its front window.

CUT TO - Interior – Coffee Shop

We see two persons, one male, one female sitting across from one another, both quite irritated as they wait for someone. The male, Carlos ‘Carl’ Hernandez, (a hispanic male, age late 20s to early 30s, cleary an athlete, runners frame), checks the time on his smart phone before looking at his companion, Stacy Horn (Cambodian female, mid to late 30s, modest but professional)

CARLOS (sighs)
You know it was obvious he was going to make us wait.

He isn’t that late… it’s only been…

45 minutes…

Really? I would’ve guessed an hour…

Stacy takes a sip of her drink and happens to glance out a window, and sees the person she and Carlos are waiting on, David Hayes (a short man, mid 30s thick glasses, clearly not in shape), huffing and puffing as he hurries a long a sidewalk, and into the coffee shop.

He’s here…

Stacy points to David, causing Carlos to turn.

Hey, we’ve been here an hour! You said this was important!

Oh, uh, sorry, made a wrong turn and, uh, listen...we did it!

STACY (confused)
Did what?

DAVID (excited)
It! You know, what Anderson and I have been working on… we’ve crack the ecto-plasmic code! The theories of Dr. Spengler are actually true! There are ghosts all over the City

Yeah right, man, there is no such thing as ghosts… you two have been so obsessed ever since you got those books that book store last fall when we went up to New York.

STACY (after taking a sip of her coffee)
That’s right, seriously, every one knows that Egon Spengler was a crack pot, who dropped out of sight years ago.

Just come and see for yourselves… you’ll…

David trails off as the light outside suddenly darkens. All three look outside the coffee shop window, seeing pedestrians looking up at the sky that has turn a dark suddenly

Was it supposed to rain?

I don’t think….

Before she can finish her reply the coffee shop begins to shake, an earthquake. Outside of the window it can be seen people starting to run in a back, while David grabs the table to try and keep from falling over, but does so anyway, while Carlos and Stacy dive from their seats as they see something comes flying towards the window. The window doesn’t shatter, the thing, a phantasm-looking crow passes through it and starts to terrorize the other customers in the shop, who all run out. The owner, a burly man grabs a broom and comes out from the behind the camera.

COFFEE SHOP OWNER (while swinging broom at the crow)
Hey you! Get outta here!

The ‘crow’ circles around, as Carlos, Stacy and David, all laying on the floor watch in amazement as the Coffee Shop Owner manages to swing the broom at the ‘crow’ but it passes through it.

CARLOS (Stammering)
That… that thing….

STACY (Amazement)
it’s… it’s…. it’s a GHOST!

DAVID (Worried)
And it looks like it’s getting…

We see the reactions of the trio, all horrified as the scream of Coffee Shop Owner is heard and a splatter of blood lands near them, forcing the trio to try and hide underneath the table. We get a close up on the The ‘crow’ caws, as it sits on what remains of the Coffee Shop Owner sounding like a hellish howl before it flies towards the camera.


A run down Row Home,  some time has passed, things have gotten even darker, we see David, Stacy and Carlos rushing up the steps and into the front door which is unlocked.

CUT TO - INTERIOR – Row Home – Living Room

The living room is filled with various equipment, clearly a lab set up and we see Katie Anderson, (wild-eyed, an apparent valley girl in appearance, mid-30s) rushing from one machine to another as the trio rush in.

DAVID (Screams)
What is happening?!

KATIE (Excited)
Oh you’re back! Quick go upstairs and check the spectrial-spectrometer, these PKE readings are off the charts from what we saw this morning! It’s like something opened and everything is going insane, this is awesome!

Stacy steps towards Katie and slaps her, Katie holds her cheek, clearly going ‘Ow’ in an exaggerated manner, while David is seen going up the chairs.

STACY (accusing)
What did you do?!

KATIE (Confused)
Do? do? I didn’t do anything! Hayes and I finally got the PKE scanners working by finding the right frequency, he left to tell you and Carl about it…”

CARLOS (interrupts)
I don’t you, my name is Carlos!”

KATIE (dismissive)
Whatever…. And I was taking notes.

Katie walks over to a computer , showing a city map of the New York Metropolitan that has red dots popping up all over it

KATIE (Continues)
We saw a bunch of red dots appearing, so clearly these are ecto-plasmic beings in the area, then the room starting shaking and things went totally off the charts!

You sure you didn’t do anything?! Cause I knew you two getting those….

DAVID (Yelling from upstairs)
Guys you better get up here!

CUT TO – Upstairs Bedroom

We see David, Stacy, Katie, and Carlos huddled near a window looking out, and the sky is blood red. Down on the streets actual human sized ‘devils’ are seeing chasing people around, clearly whatever is happening is getting worst rapidly

What the hell is this… the apocalypse?!

KATIE (Dimissive)
Oh don’t be silly! This isn’t the apocalypse, it’s a merging! Our world and whatever world the ghosts originate from! Dr. Spengler speculated in his book that there were breaches that allowed for things to come through…

Like those hell-mouths on Buffy?”

KATIE (Rolls her eyes)
That’s not funny… that show was totally inaccurate in how the paranormal was portrayed! No these are like actual walls where worlds come into contact with one another… and someone probably breached it

This makes no sense… you know what right?

DAVID (Shrugs)
Maybe if you read the books we got…

STACY (accusing)
No! Carlos is right, this makes no sense what-so-ever! You two were messing with things you read about and then this happens hours after you have a break through?! We need to call the police and show them what you’ve…

Actually that’s not who we need to reach...

Katie walks away from the window and over to a nightstand where a book is laying, opens it and takes out of a business card before pulling out her own smart phone and starts to dial

Who are you gonna call?”


Interior Ray’s Occult Bookstore

The place is a mess, books and items of the occult have fallen from where they are placed on the shelves of the small shop. A Phone is ringing heavily on the check out counter. We see a hand pop up to grab the receiver, followed seconds later by Raymond Stantz pulling himself up.

Ray’s Occult… Yes this is Ray Stantz

He pauses and listens for a few moments, reacting to what he’s being told

What?! Are You Serious?! That’s Great… well… terrible actually , but listen you better get over here as quick as you can… because I’m too old for this...”

Stantz walks from behind the counter, and we zoom in on a frame pictured on a wall, that of Stantz in his younger days with Peter Venkman, Winston Zeddemore and Egon Spengler, The Ghostbusters!

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