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Salvaging A Temporal Reckoning - Lets Play Star Trek Online

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Not quite Tuesday (well it's Tuesday in some parts of the world at the time I'm writing this), and we're playing this week's mission from Star Trek Online - Temporal Reckoning. We're heading to the 28th Century because there was a major temporal incursion... and things are racing towards the climax of all this time travel madness we've been dealing with since the Iconian War.

This is the mission that brings together all the people that the player's character basically have been ticking off in one form or another, Noye, The Vorgons, The Na'Kuhl, The Sphere Builders.... plus the Mirror Universe's Admiral Leeta and the Terran Empire, who we had limited interaction with during the time we were floating around The Alpha Quadrant. That was a twist that still perplexes me abit, yes they tie it into why the USS Defiant from the original Star Trek episode 'The Tholian Web' and featured in the Enterprise …

Sketch of the day: 8/22/16


Why Was What Happened To Lindsay Lohan Ignored?

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I came across an column that struck a cord with me, regarding what happened to Lindsay Lohan a few weeks ago and how it was basically under-reported, barely discussed... 

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SummerSlam 2016 Thoughts and Opinions

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So we conclude a busy weekend with my vlog regarding SummerSlam. And here is the cliff-notes version of what I covered in the video

1. Pre-Show matches were solid, interesting moment with one of the Usos stealing the glory of getting the pinfall in the 6-man tag, The Dudleys lost again via miscommunication, possibly leading to a split for Bubba to get a solo run, Cesaro and Sheamus have the exact same match they always have and need some variety.

2. Like the use of tag team psychology from Jericho and Owens, cut off the ring and isolated Enzo so that the hot tag to Big Cass means something, interesting seeing that Jericho / Owens won.

3. Women's title match with Charlotte and Sasha was not as good as last night's bout with Asuka and Bayley, but I did like the story that was told with Charlotte being bigger and heavier. Also liked the finish of Charlotte using her larger frame to roll through Sasha's crossface to get the pinfal…