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NXT TakeOver Brooklyn: The RAW VIEW

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement... I took a number of notes during NXT Takeover Brooklyn II tonight for my vlog above... and here they are! In the video I go out of order.

No Way Jose maybe the 'New Adam Rose', but he has the size and serious demeanor to be taken seriously if given a chance, proved he handle working with message board favorites like Aries. Loved Jose's conga entrance .There was a big disconnect with Ember Moon - her name, entrance, body language just didn't add up... Hate the leaping twisting stunner from the top rope. Billlie kay looked like a star, #AllBlueEverything, loved the Widows Peak back breaker submission into the Widow's Peak slam. She could easily be used to replace Eva Marie at SummerSlam.Bobby Roode's entrance and theme was glorious, and he came across like a major star, but his opponent Andrade Almas was not, better outing this time out, but still not thrilled with Alma, who comes across as a low rent version of …

From Last Summer: Young Justice Legacy 8-19-15

Hello Dwellers... 
This is from a year ago, when I was doing a series of videos playing Young Justice Legacy... one of those games I purposed bought a game-pad for despite it being one that can be played with the keyboard and mouse. 

Today's sketch: It's Bayley!!!

Well it's supposed to be Bayley anyway lol

A Land of Fear - Doctor Who Tales From The TARDIS

Note: the blog / script below has some differences from what was featured in the video, as you know I have a tendency to go off my own script. 

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement… This is of course, Tales From THE TARDIS!

We are now at the final story of the first season of Doctor Who, The Reign of Terror, a story set during the French Revolution without a single French actor in the cast… well as far as I can tell anyway based on the accents… or lack their of… of the natives The Doctor and company encounter, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

The episode opens with The TARDIS landing in the middle of a forest, and The Doctor, still in a bit of a huff is eager to get Barbara and Ian off of his ship following Ian’s remarks at the end of the Sensorites. Susan is trying to convince him not to boot them out of the TARDIS, but at the same time Ian and Barbara remind her that they did want to go home… and this might be for the best… but there is some doubt on if The Doctor actually succee…