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This Week: Claw Games, Jared Leto, Star Trek Fan Films, WWE Suspensions

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement…

It’s FRIDAY! Time for THIS WEEK WITH THE SUPERHEROES… otherwise known as me just commenting on random nonsense until shows like Arrow, Gotham, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl return this fall. And boy I just know the comments section is gonna get lit up this week.

First I’m going to open with a bit of apparent local insanity here in New Jersey… where State Senator Nicholas Scutari has introduced legislation, calling for more over-sight on the classic claw game. Now you all know what the claw game is, it was featured in the first Toy Story film where Sid grabs Buzz Lightyear and Woody, you put a quarter in, you move a claw to try and pick up a prize, normally a stuff toy… Of course there is a lot of skill involved it cause the claw may not perfectly grip what you manage to grab with it and sometimes your prize drops. But the problem is that it is a bit of gambling because there is an obvious reward, and it is possible to rig it so that people could sink money into in their attempt to win something. Now what Scutari proposes is that the claw machines be regulated and meet specific mechanical and programming specifications, much like a slot machine, to ensure players have a reasonable chance at winning. And trust me, I’m actually for this, because there is a channel here on YouTube, called ClawStruck, that shows just how easy it is for operators to ‘rig’ the game in their own favor… and I personally want to know for certain if it’s my own lack of skill or the machine itself that keeps me from getting that Bulbasaur plush-toy.

Over the past week on Facebook, I’ve been seen a lot of ‘click bait’ articles regarding Jared Leto bitching, whining and moaning about ‘a lot of his scenes getting cut from Suicide Squad’. Let me first point out that the night I saw Suicide Squad, I stated that Jared Leto was one of the worst things in it… and if the scenes were cut, they were cut for a good reason… his performance sucked.

But here’s where it gets good… Leto say he ‘felt like he was tricked into doing ‘Suicide Squad’… hey… hey pal….considering you still made it into the final cut and were PAID regardless, you have no right to complain, particularly when there are much more superior actors that suffered the same fate. Hell let’s go take a look a film that Leto had a role in: 1998’s The Thin Red Line… a film that saw performances of Mickey Rourke and Bill Pullman totally cut out, and the roles of John Travolta Adrian Brody and George Clooney reduced to glorified cameos all for the sake of the final version of the film as the director and producers wanted.

The fact is since the beginning of motion pictures things get cut from the final theatrical cut of the film, and sure these days the rise of popularity of deleted scenes and DVD / Blu-Ray bonus features has lead to some things being seen by the general public, but let’s remember that they were CUT for a reason. And it’s not like Suicide Squad was an hour and forty minutes, the run time of the traditional summer action flick for most of the 80s and 90s, it cracked the two hour mark, and based on the version of the film I saw, The Joker only existed to give added layers to Harley Quinn and to limit how horrifically bad Leto’s performance was.

So with that said, to Mr Leto… and to anyone taking his side… I have two words for you… the total number of letters is seven and three of them are the letter F.

Moving forward… or rather backwards, the Axanar defenders continue to discover my views from a couple of months ago, about how I feel about the Star Trek Fan Film Guidelines…. And thus let me explain it too them again: there is a phrase called ‘all rights reserved’ it appears in the credits of films, comic books, TV shows, etc…. It means that the copyright holder reserves ALL RIGHTS for their intellectual property, and they can allow or not allow anything involving their property to exist or not. The FACT that CBS and Paramount have giving clear cut guidelines for Fan Films to exist at all is a win for everyone who wants to product Star Trek content.

And if you’re not happy with the rules, produce something ORIGINAL… which is shocking I know… and it’s something I’m surprised those who foolishly donated to Axanar’s scam fund raisers haven’t considered demanding, that all ‘Star Trek’ content and references are removed from the script and the film gets produced as ORIGINAL CONTENT. Hell if they did that, that goof Alec Peters can actually pay himself through selling DVDs and other merchandise instead of stealing from funds that were donated by launching his own franchise.

But that’s assuming he has brain one in that melon on top of his neck… which to date has proven to not be the case.

Anyway… in the past couple of days, the WWE suspended Alberto Del Rio, Paige and Eva Marie for 30 days due to failing the company’s wellness policy. Now it’s not known what they got caught for… but obviously Del Rio and Paige is the big story, since Del Rio is a former headlining star and Paige is a top tier female wrestler, and both of whom have been said to have less then stellar opinions from WWE Management in recent months since they became a couple, which wasn’t helped by the fact the WWE did what they always do: try to meddle with a relationships because Vince McMahon is very insecure about anyone getting involved with a hot woman by putting Del Rio and Paige on separate shows… I’m not kidding on that folks… it was the driving force for the storyline last year between Rusev & Lana that ended abruptly thanks to them telling the world they are engaged (which saw both end up in the doghouse for it), it’s why the company paired Torrie Wilson with as many different men as possible despite being married to Billy Kidman… it’s why Vince himself ended up having an implied ‘relationship’ with Sable in 2003 as soon as she and Brock Lesnar started to bump uglies…. Add on this the speculation that Del Rio may be leaving when his contract ends, and Paige, who has been wrestling since since turned 13, could easily go with him… the WWE needs to break this stupid mentality they have had for the past 15 years.

Then there is Eva Marie...and let’s face it: she’s been with the company for over three years now… and is still worst than Sable was as an in-ring performer in 1999, plus her suspension could screw over five other women, cause Eva was supposed to be in a six-starlet tag match at SummerSlam… and the WWE is now scrambling to see what they can do, either make it 3 on 2 with the babyfaces having the advantage, debut new lady wrestler or just scrap the match, thus screwing Becky Lynch, Carmella, Naomi, Natalya and Alexa Bliss out of pay-per-view bonuses. And Eva’s husband has the nerve to call the suspension unjust and unfair to her? Well to Mr. Eva Marie… Like Mr. Leto, I have the same two words that have seven letters with three being F…

But let’s be a bit honest here… with the recent announcement that Brock Lesnar, as a part-time attraction, is exempt from the WWE Wellness policy and got nailed twice for failing the USADA tests, that put a black eye on the WWE and told everyone on it’s roster that they don’t matter cause Lesnar is somehow a bigger star when he hasn’t draw a dime for the company in years, so now the WWE is going to suspend as many people as possible to say hey: see we are taking care of our everyday talent by punishing them.

What a great message that sends.

Anyway, on that note, we’ll close up shop. Tomorrow is of course Saturday, which means Doctor Who Tales From The TARDIS, and I’ll be going over part one of the Reign of Terror… and then later on, doing a post-show reaction for NXT Takeover Brooklyn II. It’s gonna be a full day!

So till then my friends, and you are my friends… have a good one!

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