Thursday, August 18, 2016

Today's doodle 8/18/2016

Just something totally random

Live From The Basement: Sonic Generations

Hello Dwellers And Welcome To The Basement...
So I did another live stream not of Star Trek Online, no this time it was Sonic Generations...

And it took me a few minutes to get the game to stream properly.... always an issue with twitch I swear... but once I got it going it was pretty smoothly sailing, starting off with a bit of pinball, and some general goofing around before taking a swing at the Egg Dragon boss, which has been giving me fits the past several days, and would you believe it, when playing this LIVE... I actually defeat it? Same thing happened when I faced Perfect Chaos...

So... seeing as how I had the final boss, the Time Eater right there, I figured why not face it and beat the game. Well that's when things get a little... hairy, cause as simple as it seemed, just hold the X button down to close the gap, got to worry about the rings , and avoiding everything just to get in close to damage it a handful of times. It certainly had a learning curve... that isn't helped by every other character 'giving advice'. Still I eventually saved time and space from the Doctor... Eggman... and saw the final cut scene.

Then it was back to trying to get some S-Ranks... and despite taking some hits... I accomplished that little goal, shattering some of my earlier times. Basically it was just an hour of fun with some surprising results.

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