Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The RAW View: Predictions for SummerSlam & NXT Takeover Brooklyn II

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And This is the RAW VIEW… my totally unqualified…. And I dare say… UNWANTED predictions for NXT Takeover Brooklyn II and WWE SummerSlam this weekend. The logic or lack there of for my selection is based on my own personal preferences… and so you may disagree with me on a lot of these. Still I would like to see your predictions, so leave them in the comments section below.

That says let’s get started with my predictions NXT Takeover… cause that airs on Saturday…

Ember Moon, formally known as Athena on the indy scene, is facing an opponent to be named… and I suspect that the mystery opponent will get the win. That seems to have been the trend in recent years.

I’m picking No Way Jose to go over on Austin Aries, mainly because Jose is a lot of fun, younger and has more of an upside than Aries does. Besides a loss won’t hurt Aries who will probably be moved to RAW for the Cruiserweight Division in the near future. Besides, if Aries wins that would be too many ‘crowd friendly wins’ and Brooklyn needs some salt rubbed into its wounds.

And speaking of crowd friendly wins, I’m picking Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa to take the NXT Tag Titles from the Revival… the only chance I see this title switch not happening is if there are ‘issues’ as a result of Gargano defeating Ciampa in the Cruiserweight classic episode that aired a couple of weeks ago.

Also I’m selecting Bobby Roode to make quick work of Andrade Almas, who unlike No Way Jose, I don’t see much in, plus Roode has the Glorious Bomb meme going for him.

The true main event of the The Women’s Championship match for me is a toss up, but I’m selecting Bayley to defeat Auska. Bayley is in a unique spot, she’s main roster ready, but she is the biggest star NXT has that can actually move merchandise. And Asuka is just awesome, but I can see this extending out to one more Takeover for a third match if Bayley wins… with Asuka winning an iron woman match.

And in the final match, I’m picking Shinsuke Nakamura to defeat Samoa Joe for the NXT title… cause, no reason, it’s not a match I’m all that invested in cause I’m not a fan of either guy.

Onto SummerSlam… in the Six-Starlet Tag putting Becky Lynch, Naomi and Carmella against Natalya, Eva Marie and Alexa Bliss… I’m picking the heels to win and with Eva Marie pinning Becky Lynch to just piss Brooklyn off. Yes the very much untalented, universially dispised Eva Marie pinning The Lass Kicker will get the crowd riled up something fierce

In the first of a best of seven series between Sheamus and Cesaro, I’m picking Sheamus, We’ve already seen these two had two TV matches past month, and with a best of seven, it’s better for the heel to get the early advantage with the babyface making a comeback.

Now there is no chance in hell that Enzo Amore and Big Cass lose to Jay and Silent Bob… I mean Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens… Brooklyn is their backyard, and it’s a match result that makes the most logical sense.

I’m picking John Cena to make fairly quick work of AJ Styles, who now has the excuse of Cena dumping his bony-redneck ass through a table on this week’s SmackDown

I’m also selecting Randy Orton to put down Brock Lesnar with an RKO and score the win. Lesnar is tainted goods, he isn’t a draw and it’s time for him to start putting guys over who are there every day.

In the Women’s title match, I’m picking Sasha to retain over Charlotte. I can see Charlotte winning, but it makes more sense for Sasha to get the win since she just became champion a few weeks ago.

I’m selecting The Club to take the Tag Titles from the New Days… it’s not the best move, but it’s the only one that works since Big E was taken out for the storyline.

I am picking The Miz to retaing the IC title over Apollo Crews, because they have had very limited interaction and it doesn’t make any sense for Apollo to win now.

In the US title match, since Reigns got a win on RAW clearnly over him, I’m picking Rusev to retain, possibly by DQ

For the WWE title, I’m selecting Dean Ambrose to retain the Championship over the very bland and overrated Dolph Ziggler, who really shouldn’t be the one facing Ambrose, cause there is now where for Ziggler to go even if he wins.

And for the Universal Championship…. I’m picking Finn Balor, cause there is no way the WWE is stupid enough to have Finn lose as The Demon King on his first PPV match. Then again, they were stupid enough to have him appear on RAW in the gimmick before SummerSlam… so anything is possible

So there you go there are my predictions for NXT Takeover and SummerSlam… till next time my friends and you are my friends, have a good one.

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