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The RAW View: Predictions for SummerSlam & NXT Takeover Brooklyn II

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement… And This is the RAW VIEW… my totally unqualified…. And I dare say… UNWANTED predictions for NXT Takeover Brooklyn II and WWE SummerSlam this weekend. The logic or lack there of for my selection is based on my own personal preferences… and so you may disagree with me on a lot of these. Still I would like to see your predictions, so leave them in the comments section below.

That says let’s get started with my predictions NXT Takeover… cause that airs on Saturday…

Ember Moon, formally known as Athena on the indy scene, is facing an opponent to be named… and I suspect that the mystery opponent will get the win. That seems to have been the trend in recent years.

I’m picking No Way Jose to go over on Austin Aries, mainly because Jose is a lot of fun, younger and has more of an upside than Aries does. Besides a loss won’t hurt Aries who will probably be moved to RAW for the Cruiserweight Division in the near future. Besides, if Aries wins that would b…

Yet another sketch

If I ever get serious about drawing...

Live From The Basement - 8/17/2016

So how is this for embarrassing: with my last STO video getting flagged and me getting a 'community strike' for some stupid reason that has yet to be explained to me... I decided to get my Twitch stream back up and running... and it turns out YouTube restored the last video... but as I was getting twitch working I lost footage for the next mission Temporal Reckoning!