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Trouble - Comics From The Basement

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To Comics From The Basement... This Week... It's A Lot of Trouble!

Back in the early 2000s, and following the train-wreck that was Marville, which was somehow used to justify Marvel relaunching their 'Epic' in-print... the folks that would give us 'One More Day', decided to try and restart the 'romantic comic' genre. And in theory this was a good idea, romantic comics were huge sellers... in the 1950s... plus a lot of the manga that was being imported from Japan were romantic focused as well, so there was a market place for it.

The trouble (no pun in intended) was the execution... for one, it was mandated that this story be tied in with the Spider-Man mythos... two... it was given to Mark Millar, who while a good writer, certainly was not up to the task of doing a non-action story.

The characters are unlikable, the tie in with Spider-Man was poorly conceived considering what was already established about his parents meeting while wor…