Sunday, August 14, 2016

Trouble - Comics From The Basement

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To Comics From The Basement... This Week... It's A Lot of Trouble!

Back in the early 2000s, and following the train-wreck that was Marville, which was somehow used to justify Marvel relaunching their 'Epic' in-print... the folks that would give us 'One More Day', decided to try and restart the 'romantic comic' genre. And in theory this was a good idea, romantic comics were huge sellers... in the 1950s... plus a lot of the manga that was being imported from Japan were romantic focused as well, so there was a market place for it.

The trouble (no pun in intended) was the execution... for one, it was mandated that this story be tied in with the Spider-Man mythos... two... it was given to Mark Millar, who while a good writer, certainly was not up to the task of doing a non-action story.

The characters are unlikable, the tie in with Spider-Man was poorly conceived considering what was already established about his parents meeting while working for the CIA, which probably would've worked as a better story, showing how they met and fell in love... and hell it could've been a double-story showing the same thing with Aunt May and Uncle Ben... instead of what we got here.

That they met while working at a resort, May so open below the waist you could call her 7-11, that Peter's father knocked her up... and that she ends up giving the baby to her best friend, so that she can blackmail Peter's father into 'doing the right thing'... and... yeah see how stupid this sounds.

Anyway, I cover all of this and some more aspects of the comic in this week's video... including the odd choice of covers used for the mini series.

Incidentally over on Instagram I was reached out to by Zachary Block of North Air Entertainment, and they did a graphic novel called Shake The Lake which caught my attention in terms of its concept. So I'll be checking that out in the near future.

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