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This Week: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Pokemon Go's Team Instinct & More!

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement… 
It’s Friday let’s go over THIS WEEK With The SuperHeroes!

Over the course of the past year, I’ve been watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries… which airs on ABC… not I’m not talking about the American Broadcasting Company…. Instead I’m referring to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, who commissioned a series based on the novels of Kerry Greenwood and focusing on Phyrne Fisher, an upper-scale glamorous private eye set in the 1920s. It is very much from all 34 episodes that I’ve watch a ‘mystery of the week’ show, every episodes sees the crime introduced and Miss Fisher going about solving it, so it’s formulaic to an extent.Where this show shines is through it’s main cast of characters, Miss Fisher, Detective Inspector Robinson, Dot & Constable Collins… in that you see that these characters care about each other… there is the playful flirtatious relationship between Fisher and Robinson where there is a constant point of conflict ove…

Random art Aug 12th 2016

Just more daily sketches

Lets Play & Review: Ghostbusters The Video Game

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement... 

Who are you gonna Call?!

Like many, I was very underwhelmed by the Paul Feig version of Ghostbusters, yes there was things I liked but at the same time, the biggest problem of it was that it was his version of the franchise, and not a continuation of the story. In fact, Feig was asked multiple times to helm a Ghostbusters 3 but turned it down repeatedly until he got carte blanche to what he wanted... and the misandry was upon.

So... I figured... weeks later... why not go back and play the 2009 Ghostbusters Video Game... which for many including, is the third chapter in the Ghostbusters movie-verse timeline (which is fictional universe within the Real Ghostbusters continuity, which was established in the episode 'Take Two'). Now I haven't played the game fully since Harold Ramis passed away, but still remembering where things are and the in-game tutorial helps the memory refresh on how to play.

Now the story... days before Than…