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Tank Girl: Carioca #1 - Comics From The Basement

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To COMICS From The Basement… Back in 1988, writer Alan Martin along with Artist Jamie Hewlett released upon the world a post-apocalyptic future… which was basically the typical Mad-Max future for Australia as dreamed about by Brits in the 1980s… where a girl lives in and drives a tank… her name ‘Tank Girl’ a somewhat foul-mouthed, bounty hunter who dates a mutant kangaroo named Booga… from 88 to 95, The Tank Girl series ran as a strip in Deadline magazine, becoming a cult favorite and gaining enough popularity for Hollywood to try and cash in on it with a film in 1995… but there was a problem: Tank Girl’s base audience was in the UK… not the United States… and the film flopped… big time.

Still… the adventures of Tank Girl has continued on… and one of the more recent stories, a three issue mini series published by Titan Comics… is Tank Girl: Carioca… but I’m only going to talk about the first issue this time around, I’ll get to issues two and three at a later…