Saturday, August 6, 2016

Kidnap - Doctor Who Tales From The TARDIS

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement… 

It’s Saturday! Time For Doctor Who: Tales From The TARDIS!

This week, we’re up to part 5 of ‘The Sensorites’ story, which is called ‘Kidnap’… I kid you not, you can look it up if you think I am kidding… but I don’t kid around with the titles…. 


As we… well I… went over last week, The Doctor is investigating one of the water districts and ends up hearing a hellish road… he looks up and sees… well we don’t see what he sees… but whatever it is, it’s clearly terrifying. Ian and Susan soon find The Doctor, laid out on the ground and part of his jacket is ripped… and once he has his wits about him, The Doctor suspects that someone is plotting against them, and the thing that he saw, must be poisoning the water supply… how he comes up with this theory is a bit suspect… but I’ll allow it… have no choice, this episode broadcasted in the 1960s!


Hey remember Carol, one of the folks from the Spaceship? Well she’s talking to the Sensorites about John, wondering why their abilities made her lover so whacked out of his gourd. One of them explain that their brain is always open to receive information, and the fear part of John’s brain is always terrified… which leads Carol to wonder why he speaks of treason so much… The Sensorites dismissed this as him being insanse, because their society is built on trust and respect… of course it is… remember they all look alike, and the only way to tell who is who is because of their sashes.


Elsewhere, A Sensorite who was spying on the Doctor, informs the Administrator that The Doctor is onto him… and so The Administrator demands an Elder contact the Chief Warrior… shouldn’t that be Warrior Chief… to hand over the key to the disintergrator. The Elder does so out of spite… but I have to wonder something… if the disintegratior needs a key… what happens if it’s lost? You know how that can happen… you think the key is somewhere but its not… do the Sensorites have a back up key in case that happens? Is it under the welcome mat?

The Doctor, Ian and Susan soon return to the capital building, and want to ask if Barbara can join them on the planet… and unknowingly meet the Administrator in his ‘Elder Disguise’ who is on his way to get the key from the Chief Warrior…The Doctor goes him to ask about Barbara… but the Administrator runs off… and heads right to the disintergrator room to set up the weapon. The Elder that The Administrator kidnap manages to fight slip the grasp of the guard, grabs the key from The Administrator and bends it… the guard kills him… and this causes some worry, but the Administrator figures they can blame this on The Doctor.

 This seems like a good plan… though the over-reliance on the ‘framing’ plot device is getting a bit silly, but there is a problem. The Chief Warrior can describe The Doctor with the torn jacket… however The Doctor is now wearing a cloak that has been given to him by the Chief Elder at the same time these events took place… so when caught in the lie, he gets sent to prison… and at the same time The Administrator gets the Second Elder position thanks to the Doctor suggesting it… needless to say The Adminstrator is not ‘thankful’.

Later on John is back to normal and is with Carol, he recognizes Susan and when she asked him about why he was talking about betrayal, he isn’t totally sure but he thinks a Sensorite is plotting against them… and that the Sensorite in question has something very odd with his uniform, in that he had a collar… and the only Sensorite that has a collar is…. The Administrator! Yeah that’s a bit of subtle constume detail that goes very much unnoticed until John mentions it… and The Doctor is distraught with this realization.

Speaking of the Administrator… he got the Chief Warrior out of Prison, and tells him to neutralize the weapsons Doctor and Ian now have as they are going to go back to the aqueduct to take care of the creatures that is there poisoning the Water. This is a simple task for the Chief Warrior… who also sabotages a map that they are going to use so that they will be hopefully lost. Ian and The Doctor gets the sabotaged items from the Chief Elder, and finally ask about Barbara… who agrees to bring her down to the planet… also Susan is not told about them heading out, cause she would demand to come along.

This plays into how the episode ends, with Carol, John and Susan wondering where The Doctor and Ian are after making a meal… and Carol goes to look for them… only to be grabbed for this week’s cliffhanger.

This episode… felt rushed, as if they realized, oh crap this is only budgeted for six episodes… and the we got to start pushing towards a resolution. A lot of this episode, as you can tell with my notes, revolved around The Administrator and while it’s obvious to the viewer he’s the villain, it does make everyone else seem like an idiot considering his general attitude towards the humans. At the same time, the use of the ‘frame one of the main characters’ plot gets used again… thankfully it’s nipped the bud, but it’s kinda silly that he’s been used as much as it has been. We don’t really get much character development from The Doctor, Ian or Susan, and Barbara will is returning in the next episode… wonder what she’s been doing up on the ship this entire time…. But we’ll have to see if that question is answered next week with the sixth and final chapter of this story ‘A Desperate Venture’

Till then my friends, and you are my friends, have a good one.

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